Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yep, I'm still here!

Okay, so in January, I decided I would dip my toe into blog-waters. Hmm...the water must have been cold! Actually, shortly after my first (and only post) the Morris computer flatlined! Using a portion of our fabulous tax return -- thank you TurboTax -- we purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop. Love it! Why didn't I start blogging then? Well there was the Mardi Gras trip to Houma, LA; my adventures in dieting and exercising that is still trying to become a good habit; Relay For Life season has started; on and on and on. As you can see, there has been Much Ado this winter. But I am here, and ready to share Morris with you.

Rob has started T-ball. It is stinkin' adorable! He hit the mess out of the ball his first at-bat...then he ran straight for the circle (would-be pitcher's mound) and had to be carried/run to first base by an assistant coach! I'm SERIOUSLY considering submitting that to America's Funniest Home Videos. It is definitely worth $10,000! Here he is right after I asked him to say "cheese"...guess he heard me say "be cheesy"...

Oh yes, he turned his hat sideways himself!

Caroline is 19 weeks old; we will celebrate 5 months soon, and I need to do some major updates on her. I think my next two posts will be dedicated to my three blessings: Bobby (husband), Rob (my 3-yr-old), and Caroline. In the meantime, here something to keep you entertained:

Rob loved the egg hunt!

We had a blessed Easter!

Anything you want to know about? Suggestions on how I can exercise my love of writing? See ya later...