Sunday, January 30, 2011

Under The Big Top

Ladies and Gentlemen...Children of All Ages...The Morris and Jones Families went to The Greatest Show On Earth Today!  It was great!

The excitement was bubbling over before we could leave the house.
Like what Caroline is wearing?  You can read all about it here.

Alright, so we left super early for the circus in order to attend the Pre-Show Meet and Greet.  Too bad we didn't realize all 10,000 other circus attendees would have the same idea!  Both Rob and Caroline got hit with severe sensory overload as soon as we got there.  However, we did manage to have one quick meet and a very brief greet before taking our seats.
I love, love, luuuurve this picture above.  Rob is the best. brother. ever...
I'm not scared of clowns and I usually don't understand how/why some people are.  But you should know the whole time we were sitting with this guy, he never spoke a word.  His smile changed sizes and his lips would open and close, yet not one word.  Freaky?  I think so...
I mean, must it be completely impossible to take a normal-looking picture with the 2 most beautiful children born?  Neither can sit still and look happy simultaneously.

Speaking of beautiful children, my nieces, Lauren and Micah arrived shortly before showtime.  Okay, Micah is going through this phase where she doesn't want her picture made.  So you will have to trust me when I say she, too, has natural beauty.  But her love for cotton candy is as close as a smile as I would get today.
Caroline was awestruck and Rob, though I didn't take a picture, literally sat on the edge of his seat the entire time!
I wasn't sure how well my pictures of the actual circus would turn out.  I simply haaaadddd to snap a picture when they shot a burning man from a human-sized cannon thingy. 
And the elephants may be my favorite part of the circus always!
Not sure what Caroline's favorite part of the circus would be, but she will certainly "dream" of this day for a while...Ha! Yep, she fell asleep shortly before intermission.  Good thing she didn't require a ticket, huh?
Well, this year's circus has come and gone.  Looks like the kiddos had fun:
Lots and lots of fun:
Once more with feeling, peeps:
...aaaaaaaaand we're outta here!  That's all the ado this family Bobby can stand for one day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Feelin' Crafty (and bloggy)

Hey there!  How y'all doin?  So, I just got that old familiar (crafty) feeling today.  I've had it for a while, but today it got the best of me.

It has been a while since I have blogged and it has been an even longer while since I have sewn, so I thought I would share with you all.
Oh yeah...if you can't tell from the fabric, I'm making something for Caroline.  Want another clue?  Well, here's the main fabric:
A'ight, at this point I just have to share a funny dialogue I had with the Mr. when he got home:

Me: Won't this be cute?
B: Hmm, I don't really care for that.  It's almost hideous.
Me: At least it's for Caroline and not Rob!
B: Let's both be honest, you wish you could have and would have made that for Rob!
Me: (to myself) Yeah, you're right.

I guess I should be saying "thank you" to fate that I am only just now getting comfortable around my Singer.
Because the room has the best light, I cut fabric in my kitchen on my table.  As you can see above, Caroline is a permanent fixture atop the table. I mean, seriously...Get. Down. Now!  Moving on...
I would love to have a fancy new machine.  I also would love, love, love to have an embroidery machine.  But I love most that my trusty Singer is a Wiggins/Morris family heirloom and the thing works like a charm.  Too bad I can only make straight stitches with said charm.  Ahem, I'm getting there.  Slowly.  Baby steps, right?

What's that you said?  Where's Rob during all of this?  Take a look:
That's a sword in the back of his tee-shirt.  He's a ninja.  Bewilderment all around, people.
I used my iPhone for pictures, so I am sparing you the step-by-step.  I'm just so proud of myself.  I'm beaming with pride right now!  Here are a couple of shots of my pride and joy:

Caroline is going to be so super-cute in this dress!  And if you don't have a clue by now where she is wearing it, stay tuned.  I promise to blog about it soon.  I'm trying to stay in touch with y'all.

'Til then, peeps, God bless you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Gosh!  Can you believe another year has come and gone?  In the year 2010 I learned how to be a mother of 2!  I started this blog!  I started learning how to be a do-it-yourself'er and I documented it for all the world to see.  However, I do look back at 2010 and see things that are still on my wish list.  (Really, who doesn't?)  Not gonna happen this year; I am biting the bullit and putting it in writing!

I read many blogs on a daily basis--some inspirational, some just for fun.  Several of you out there have either done this, considered this, or heard about this.  I am going to start 101 in 1001!  If I started checking things off my list tomorrow, I would/should complete this by September 28, 2013.  Who out there makes New Year's Resolutions and fails to keep them?  Okay put your hands down; it was a rhetorical question.  But if I give myself over a year-and-a-half, surely I can come close!

My list will be a work in progress.  I haven't reviewed this with the Mr. yet, and I have a feeling he would have his own ideas of what needs to be on the list.  So I am open to revisions throughout the process.

With no further ADO, I present my New Year's (and beyond) Resolutions!

1.       Go on a cruise
2.       Plan a trip to Disney World for 2013
3.       Go to Gatlinburg, TN 
4.       Take another Morris/Mitchell/Stewart beach trip
5.       Go to Six Flags
6.       Go to Opryland Hotel at Christmas
7.       Take Rob to a Braves game
8.       Go snow skiing
9.       Have a picnic at Helena waterfalls once a month this summer with kiddos (0/3)
10.   Attend a Rick and Bubba show in the Golden Ticket Seats
11.   Go to the beach during summer 2011
12.   Go to the beach during summer 2012
13.   Go to the beach during summer 2013
14.   Spend the night in a true bed-n-breakfast somewhere

15.   Learn how to sew from start-to-finish unassisted
16.   Sew an outfit for Caroline
17.   Obtain an embroidery machine (new or gently used)
18.   Learn to embroider/monogram
19.   Take a photography class
20.   Learn how to use advanced settings on my Olympus
21.   Make blog printouts for 2010, 2011, and 2012 (0/3)
22.   Make lots of bows for Caroline (after #63)
23.   Get a “professional” blog makeover
24.   Write and complete a novel

Expand Knowledge
25.   Try 5 new dishes from my family recipe book (0/5)
26.   Try 5 new recipes from my cupcake cookbook (0/5)
27.   Take a wine tasting class
28.    Learn to speak Spanish fluently
29.   Learn to speak Italian just for fun
30.   Become CPR certified
31.   Find a GED program needing volunteer services

32.   Eat Vegan for a week
33.   Eat Vegan for a month
34.   Go on a 21 day detox 
35.   Create a gym routine
36.   Go on a walk 5x's/week
37.   Give up sweets for a month
38.   Give up fast food for a month
39.   Complete P90X
40.   Get down to my “wedding” weight (no, I’m not publishing it.)

Organize/ Home Improvement
41.    Have kitchen painted/neutralized
42.   Tile floor for bathrooms
43.   New backsplash for kitchen
44.   Hardwood floors in living room/hallway
45.    Clean out/purge and organize garage
46.   Repaint garage floor
47.   Lay more flooring in attic
48.   Wire an additional light in attic
49.   Fix Rob’s closet light wiring
50.   Finish replacing all doorknobs to ORB
51.   Wall repair/holes patching where needed house-wide
52.   Clean out my closet
53.   Clean out hall closets
54.   Clean out kids’ closets
55.   Clean out my drawers
56.   Clean out kids’ drawers
57.   Sell unused clothing/toy items in seasonal consignment sales
58.   Decide on and put up window treatments in kitchen
59.   Finish replacing metal blinds (playroom, back doors)
60.   Replace Rob’s blinds

61.   Pay off Expedition
62.   Open a Disney Savings account
63.   Have at least 1 month’s income in savings at all times
64.   Attend a couponing class
65.   Set a realistic grocery budget and stick to it with coupon use
66.   Eat out only once a week for a month (0/4)
67.   Feel “successful” at JBPL
68.   Find a budgeting/account balancing program I like
69.   Learn to use aforementioned balancing program

Good for the Soul
70.   Give up television for a week (0/7)
71.   Watch the sunrise at the beach (during #’s 11-13)
72.   Complete another Young Families class at church
73.   Start a vocation at church again
74.   Start a Rosary daily devotional habit
75.   Read a really great inspirational/Christian book
76.   Complete The Love Dare with Bobby
77.   Renew our wedding vows

Life Changers
78.   Re-enter the working world
79.   Donate blood at least 3x a year
80.   Donate plasma once
81.   Decide if we should have another baby or get over it
82.   Sell our house so that we can…
83.   …buy/build a bigger “forever” house

Things that need to be done/Just for fun
84.   Train Caroline to wear bows
85.   Print photos and start albums for each child
86.   Get Caroline off the bottle
87.   Potty train Caroline
88.   Get Caroline off the pacifier
89.   Update the blog everyday for a week (0/7)
90.   Get a passport (may need for cruise)
91.   Take Rob and Caroline to an Alabama football game
92.   Read To Kill A Mockingbird
93.   Read Wuthering Heights – just curious as to why Bella and Edward both love it so much J
94.   Read one “classic” book a month for a year (0/12)
95.   Participate in a "Show us your Life" from Kellys Korner 
96.   See a movie at the drive in
97.   Join a Bunco group
98.   Participate in Bobby’s “special challenge”
99.   Have family portraits taken
100.      Have “artistic” portraits of the kiddos taken – Maybe on Morris Avenue?
101. Complete all the items on this list... :) Maybe this is cheating but I can't think of anything else!