Sunday, January 30, 2011

Under The Big Top

Ladies and Gentlemen...Children of All Ages...The Morris and Jones Families went to The Greatest Show On Earth Today!  It was great!

The excitement was bubbling over before we could leave the house.
Like what Caroline is wearing?  You can read all about it here.

Alright, so we left super early for the circus in order to attend the Pre-Show Meet and Greet.  Too bad we didn't realize all 10,000 other circus attendees would have the same idea!  Both Rob and Caroline got hit with severe sensory overload as soon as we got there.  However, we did manage to have one quick meet and a very brief greet before taking our seats.
I love, love, luuuurve this picture above.  Rob is the best. brother. ever...
I'm not scared of clowns and I usually don't understand how/why some people are.  But you should know the whole time we were sitting with this guy, he never spoke a word.  His smile changed sizes and his lips would open and close, yet not one word.  Freaky?  I think so...
I mean, must it be completely impossible to take a normal-looking picture with the 2 most beautiful children born?  Neither can sit still and look happy simultaneously.

Speaking of beautiful children, my nieces, Lauren and Micah arrived shortly before showtime.  Okay, Micah is going through this phase where she doesn't want her picture made.  So you will have to trust me when I say she, too, has natural beauty.  But her love for cotton candy is as close as a smile as I would get today.
Caroline was awestruck and Rob, though I didn't take a picture, literally sat on the edge of his seat the entire time!
I wasn't sure how well my pictures of the actual circus would turn out.  I simply haaaadddd to snap a picture when they shot a burning man from a human-sized cannon thingy. 
And the elephants may be my favorite part of the circus always!
Not sure what Caroline's favorite part of the circus would be, but she will certainly "dream" of this day for a while...Ha! Yep, she fell asleep shortly before intermission.  Good thing she didn't require a ticket, huh?
Well, this year's circus has come and gone.  Looks like the kiddos had fun:
Lots and lots of fun:
Once more with feeling, peeps:
...aaaaaaaaand we're outta here!  That's all the ado this family Bobby can stand for one day!

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