Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eight is Great (When You are Rob)

My precious first-born son, how did we get here so fast?  I remember the shock and awe when I found out you were growing inside of me.  I don't think I have ever had so wonderful a wish come true as that one.  It was a dream to be a parent.  Someday you will understand that some grownups who wish to be parents have to keep wishing for a long time.  God knew exactly when He needed to send you to us and for that I will never lose gratitude.

But enough about that for now.  Robert Corry Morris, Jr, you turned eight years old today!  Eight is great and here are eight reasons why:

1.  You are growing like a weed - one that we never wish to pluck from our garden!

Currently you weigh approximately 70 pounds and you are somewhere around 4' 4" give or take an inch.  It's hard to believe that a 5-pound baby would turn into the tallest kid in his age group.  Then again looking at your Daddy it's not so hard to believe.

2.  You are such a good big brother - well, when you want to be.

After the joy of parenting you, we added a sister and a brother to the mix.  Our family is complete now and it is so wonderful to watch you love on your littles and to watch them love and adore you.  I know it gets annoying sometimes having them always want to be near you.  I know you need your space to cultivate your own self.  But you display as much patience as can be expected and for that I think you are great!

3.  You are so neat!

At two (2) years old you knew that B.B. King was one of the greatest guitar players of all time and that his beloved Lucille should be immortalized.  At four (4) years old you knew how to pronounce and correctly identify certain dinosaurs that many adults cannot do.  Yet you are still a cool kid and fun to be around. 

4.  You are very smart.

You are an excellent reader, writer, and math student.   You are currently an average of 1.5 - 2 levels above 2nd grade expectations. I hope that you continue to be challenged in school so that you never grow weary of learning.  You are capable of doing very important things in life, my sweet son.

5.  You are a well-traveled kid.

Different sets of grandparents have taken you via airplane to Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA without your parents.  You reportedly were an excellent traveler.  You have also flown to New Orleans, LA.  You love the beach the most, but you are very excited about another upcoming trip to New Orleans (again with grandparents) wherein you are scheduled to take an airboat swamp tour. I'm so envious!

6.  You are a great example of leadership to others.

The story goes that your seat gets moved around and others' seats get moved around in class.  Why?  Because teachers know that you are very influential and model good behavior.  I know this can sometimes be burdensome.  You just need to be a kid.  You don't need the responsibility of modeling manners on your shoulders.  But it comes so naturally to you that it happens, nevertheless.  It is so refreshing to know that you are infamous for goodness, rather than being the "dreaded" child.
7.  You are a diverse, well-rounded child.

You have book smarts.  You have interests in science, including space, planets, and dinosaurs.  Speaking of dinos, you are a lover of animals.  We have had a fish, a ladybug farm, a frog, and a dog.  You enjoy interacting with animals and watching them exist in their own habitats.  You can rock a zoo like nobody's business.  You have participated in - and enjoyed - piano lessons, a soccer team, baseball, and now football.  You like both Disney cartoons and the National Geographic Channel.  You love Duck Dynasty.  You are not scared to take a risk.  I am so proud of you.

8.  You are being raised in a Christian, stable home.

Rob, you are being brought up Christian.  I know that your dad and I falter - it's true that every saint was a sinner and every sinner is forgiven.  Currently our worst flaws are consistency when it comes to attending Mass and exposing you to potty-language.  We're working on correcting both of those.  But I know in my heart that your foundations are solid.  As blessed as we are to have you, I can honestly say with no sense of vanity that you are blessed to have us as parents.  Your dad and I will make mistakes with you.  But we do so with only good intentions.  You are great because you are you.  And you are you because God knew exactly what He was doing! 

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet son.  Eight is Great!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bookshelf Simple Facelift

I have a love/hate relationship with yard sales.  I love finding great deals.  I hate driving from sale to sale in search of said deals.  I love seeing what other people consider "junk" that I see as a great future project.  I hate buying what other people consider "junk" and discovering only after I get it home that it is, in fact, junk.
Several weeks ago at a sale, I stumbled across this sad-looking little bookshelf that I decided had tons of hidden personality and good bone structure.  After paying full asking price for it - a whopping $2 - it sat in my garage for a couple more weeks.  I wish I had the thought to take a true before picture.  I knew I wanted it to go in my daughter's whimsical bedroom.  Unfortunately, before I could get down to the business of its makeover, I haphazardly threw on a solid coat of white spray paint and borrowed it for a work conference mom and I attended.

So, with no further ado, here is the new before that I had created:

Whaddya think?  Are you team-Bobby who said "Well, there goes a wasted two dollars"? Or are you team-Emily who said "Hellloooo, Gorgeous!"

Off came the layers (there were about three at this point) of paint, revealing first what I saw when I purchased and then a naked shelf waiting to be refurbished...
Caroline's room has an eclectic mix of textures, patterns, and colors which incorporate pink, yellow, green, and white.  So below are the colors I used:
I really wanted the letters on the sides to "pop" but I didn't want to do the shelf white again.  Not after the power-sanding battle I endured.  Here is a progression picture of my work...bonus points if you noticed the photo-bomb from Sparky!
Side note: yikes!  Time to pressure wash the driveway!

I am so happy with the way it turned out; it fits in perfectly to her room décor.  Caroline and I love it!