Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a blast this weekend.  Since Halloween actually fell on Sunday, the local municipalities got to decide whether they wanted trick-or-treaters hitting the streets on Saturday or Sunday.  What is a Morris to do?  Go both nights!  Woo-Hoo!! ('cause, you know, we need THAT MUCH candy in this house...)

Our neighborhood does not get a whole lot of foot traffic.  Perhaps it's because we live on a cul-de-sac and not the main thoroughfare; perhaps the neighborhood is populated by other "Morrises" who leave and go trick-or-treat other places.  Nevertheless, our house was dark all weekend.  Helena observed on Saturday night, and we went to Aunt Kristy and Uncle Jason's house.  Aunt Kristy was so excited about the company.  Mee-Maw and Granddaddy came over, as did Nona.  We had a big ol' pot of taco soup and I brought the dessert:

Most people refer to this as "dirt cake" and serve it in terra cotta pots with fake flowers and/or gummy worms sticking out.  In the spirit of the spooky night, ours was a graveyard!  Super easy.  Oh, and zoom in on that headstone at the bottom left...hahaha Roll Tide Roll!

Josh went as one member of the Blue Man Group.  That was fun watching his transformation!
Rob was Toy Story's Woody and Caroline was an angel.  Well, isn't she always, but she actually looked the part!
Jason and Kristy's neighborhood is flat -- a great place for street-roaming!  There is a police officer in residence and each year leads a parade.  Anyone who wishes can walk from the front to the back waving at neighbors who are sitting in their driveways watching the revelry.  I think Rob started out a little overwhelmed.  Anyway, he quickly got into the spirit and was loading up on sugary rewards!
Rob was just getting the hang of it when we crossed by Jason and Kristy's house.  There was a large crowd trick-or-treating at their house, but they all seemed intrigued by something.  See if you spot what caught their attention:
Look closely.  Need a hint?  Okay.  That's Bobby passing out candy and there is Uncle Jason standing off to the side of the porch.  How about a closeup of Jason:
Not a prop, peeps.  That's a living, breathing, devil's pet.  It's a 12' python and Jason greets trick-or-treaters with it every year.  Don't worry; he sleeps in a pad-locked cage or I would never visit!  Apparently he's a hit with the neighborhood.  People would walk up to their house and you could hear them saying "Where's the snake?"  "Will the snake be out this year?"
Smart Rob wishes Uncle Jason would turn that thing into a nice handbag, STAT!  Yet Caroline is content.  Mee-Maw won't let anything happen to me.
After the snake-sighting, the kids were winding down.  So onto the next night! 

Rob was still Woody.  But a girl can not be photographed in the same outfit twice!  Guffaw!  So tonight, Caroline was a beautiful butterfly.  We went to McCalla to trick or treat with Miles and Stephanie. 
I didn't take nearly as many pictures.  In part because it was dark by the time we set out and also because my loyal subjects would not sit still enough.  But here are the highlights:
Happy Halloween, everybody!