Friday, January 25, 2013

William Joseph is 5 months old!

*My "oops" moment...I never published your 4-month update, because I was waiting on taking pictures of you with your 4-month stickers and I never got around to doing that.  So here is your 4 month and your 5 month update combined. 

Length: 26" (19" at birth, 20 1/2" at 2 wks, 24" at 3 months)
Weight: 15 1/2 lbs (6.9 lbs at birth, 7.1 lbs at 2 wks, 14 lbs at 3 months)
How Big You Are: (4 mos)You are currently wearing clothing that ranges from size 3 mos to 3-6 months. You wear a size 2 diaper.
(5 mos)  You are currently in 3-6 month and some 6 month clothing. 

Sleeping Patterns:  You are a pretty good sleeper still.  You will go to bed about 7:30 and you will wake up at about 6:00 AM.  Sometimes after your 6 AM breakfast, you will go back As backwards as it sounds, if you have had a good day with proper naps, you sleep better at night.  When I put you to bed at night exhausted those are the restless nights.  You are settling into a two long-nap-a-day habit with a quick, third cat-nap in the evenings. 

Eating Habits: (4 mos)  You love that bottle.  We officially stopped nursing this month and it was a smooth transition.  You drink from Tommee Tippee bottles and have very little gas / spit-up.  At your 4-month-appointment we got the go-ahead to try solid foods (i.e. cereal).  That was quite a messy experience.  But we will keep trying.
(5 mos)  You have gotten much better at spoon feeding.  You have a morning bottle when you wake up, then you eat a fruit mixed with baby oatmeal.  Your favorite is bananas, but you have had apples and peaches, too.  You take a couple of bottles during the day, then you have a "dinner" vegetable.  You have had peas and green beans, but you really like carrots.  You take a small 4 oz bottle before bed.
New Discoveries and Accomplishments:  Your voice and vocal motor skills.  You have quite a loud little siren.  You love to hear yourself and you have even made yourself chuckle at your own noises.  You also will gurgle and spit continuously.  Such a charmer, I'm telling ya!

Places You Love: You love sleeping on your tummy for cat naps.  Don't worry, mommy monitors you closely.  You love your nap nanny and lying on the floor to stretch and kick your legs.  You really like your "space".

Special Friends: You really respond to older men.  Whether it is Papa, Papa Joe, Granddaddy, Rocky, or pleasant strangers who smile at you in stores, your face just lights up to men lately.  Daddy will be happy to report that's a sign you may be a Daddy's boy.  But I don't think so, haha!

I also include in your "special friends" your hands and love those guys!  I guess you must be in the earliest stages of teething, but you will gnaw on your appendages until your entire outfit is drool-soaked. 

Current Events:  (4 mos) It has been a full month since your 3rd.  We rang in Thanksgiving and started December hearing about this "fiscal cliff" that the economy may fall off.  Hopefully Washington can come up with a balanced budget soon.  On December 14th, the second most tragic school-shooting in all of history occurred in Newtown, CT.  Mommy has been saying extra prayers of thanks for your health and that of your siblings.  When you sleep at night, Mommy has been known to sneak into all of your rooms and just cry out for the pain that these parents must feel when they see empty beds.
(5 mos) after a sad yet busy December, January has slowed down a bit.  The country is gearing up for the presidential inauguration and the Super Bowl.  Priorities, priorities!  We had just a touch of snow on Friday January 18th. 

What We Did This Day: Today (December 21st) was the last Friday before Christmas.  Caroline stayed home with us today because she has been getting over a nasty cold (and trying to give it to you!)  We all picked Rob up from the bus stop and went to Wal-Mart and Publix to finish our Christmas grocery shopping.  We wrapped a few presents and then called it a day.  Very uneventful.
Today (January 21st) was the observation of Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday, so Rob was out of school.  All three kiddos and mommy were at Nona's house while she and I tried to get some work done, then we ate dinner over there because Daddy's baseball team started practice.

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  1. 5 months?! He is getting so big! Such a cutie :)