Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What the? Wednesday

Ever have those days where you are constantly saying "What the..?"  Today is one of those days.  I have so many thoughts and ideas swirling in my head that I'm just walking through the day like "What the..?"

The Morris clan just got back from a vacation in Orange Beach, AL where we had 6 adults and 8 children under the age of 8 in one 3 bedroom condo.  Don't get me wrong; these are my "people". These are my travel companions.  However, it was an exhausting week--we had weather issues, we were constantly running from pop-up thunder storms, we had a plethora of children who all have separate needs at the same time.

Before going on vacation I was exercising all the time, cooking at home a lot (well a lot by my own standards) and enjoying a summer that was still fairly routine.  I've now been home 6 days and I cannot seem to bring myself to workout, despite the protests from my clothing.  We have only had one home-cooked meal -- the shame! -- and several tantrums about bathing and bedtime.

I have started planning not one but two birthday parties to occur in the next three weeks.  Then Rob starts first grade and Caroline will start 3K (in a yet-to-be-determined school) all within a month of each other.   I'm a mental mess, I tell ya!

This morning I was in line at McDonald's for coffee...I'm not even brewing my own java at home right now...and a woman cut me off in the drive through line.  I gave her a little I'm-highly-ticked-off honk and then complained to the first of two window attendants that I was having a bad morning because someone cut me off.  When I pulled to the second window, the McDonald's employee offered me sincere apologies from said car.  Apparently she felt very bad and was thisclose to getting out and apologizing to me personally. 

I stopped right there and reminded myself that Jesus taught us to forgive others in order to receive forgiveness.

What the..?  What is wrong with my brain?  My heart?  My motivation?

My house stays in a state of disarray despite my huge intentions of organizing and decrapifying. 

But you know what?  My children are happy, well-rounded kids who can easily recognize imperfection.  Somehow all of the important tasks manage to get done.  We have not had to go to bed hungry and we have always had something clean to wear -- however unfashionable it may be.

So what the..?  Will it ever end?  Will I ever be able to just relax because life is so easy breezy?  Probably not.  Y'all stay with me.  I've said it before, I'm a work in progress!

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