Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Wishlist

Ahh, the Holidays are approaching.  There's so much to do and so little time.  We have to find new recipes on Pinterest, find decorating ideas on Pinterest, create new wishlists of the greatest toys, jewelry, wardrobe staples, etc, that we have pinned on Pinterest.  Did you catch the trend yet?

Well, I'm feeling sentimental with a desire to journal, so I thought I would share with all of you my wishlist.

I wish Santa or one of his elves would help an Erin Condren life planner make its way to Helena.  I don't ask for much; I just want it to be pretty, flirty, with eMe monogrammed on it somewhere.
Shout out to the Blue Eyed Bride for her gorgeous color scheme she used with hers.
I wish I had a really great pair of brown riding boots.  I also wish I had enough cash and the desire to part with said cash to add these to my wardrobe.  Sure I love Target and Walmart for many things, but I do not want "disposable" boots.  I would like to invest in a really classic pair.

I wish I had a bi-colored or even tri-colored MK watch.  I am in love with my silver one, but I do believe that gold jewelry is back to stay for a while.  It is so much classier than the huge gold nuggets and chains of the 70's and 80's.  For that reason, I wish my current MK was more versatile.
I wish I had a juicer.  Because I wish I were a juicer.  I have seen great reviews about the juicer available at Costco.  I stopped by and tried a juice from the demonstration guy a while back and it was actually good. 

But here's my ultimate conundrum: I'm just too lazy to be healthy.  So that leads me to the next item on my wishlist...

I wish I wanted to actually lose weight as much as I actually want to "look good, feel great".  It's true, I'm dissatisfied with my body image.  I don't think after 13 months you can call it baby weight anymore.  It's just weight.  But I really like my convenient foods.  So there.

I wish I had a brand new wardrobe to take on my Super-Secret-10th-Anniversary-Trip for which we leave in T: Minus 7 days from today!  Wahoo!  But I need learn to be content with what I have.  Perhaps it's really a self confidence thing.  I know so many strong, beautiful, confident women (my mom included) who look amazing in pure rags.  What am I lacking that they aren't?  Yep, self confidence.

I wish I were more of a front porch decorator.  I guess it's never too late to start.  I would do something like this:
...or this: 
...or this:

I wish I had some real reason to completely start over with my house.  I guess my brain has been Pinterest-fied (better than petrified, but only slightly).  Natural disaster, major theft, fire, etc.  Whatever works.  Look, I don't wish harm or ill-will on anyone.  Not the first responders, my neighbors, or my family.  Well, okay it would be fine if the family of armadillos who live in my next-door-neighbor's yard perished.  I just want to redo everything.  Every room.  I my walls to be light and bright.  I want a fuzzy, plush rug underfoot in the living room atop much better (and professionally installed) hardwood floors.  I want to replace my 20-yr-old single pane windows.  And I want to decrapify.  A lot...

__9__I wish I could break up with my love affair of stuff.  Sure, stuff and I have had our share of "we  were on a break"...

 ...but stuff always comes back.  Stuff and dust bunnies must know something I don't! See, I'm in constant struggle with myself.  Didn't I just swoon over stuff-filled front porches? Oh...the...madness!

I wish if I forfeited wish #7 and, instead, lived here contently for the rest of my life, I could find a proper way to get organized and stay organized.  Anyone have any methods that have really, really worked for you?

I wish I knew if the Common Core State Standards were as good for our children as I believe, or as bad as everyone else I know believes.  I have a disadvantage due to what I do for a living.  Working for my mother who sells educational resources all devoted to being "aligned to the CCSS" and being privileged enough to hear what the "experts" say about the future of education and just how children's brains are wired to truly grasp critical thinking skills makes me believe this is the best thing to happen to schools in a very long time.  But I also, as a 1st grade parent, can recognize that so many schools lack funding to convert their resources.  Many districts lack organization and leadership to communicate to parents all the benefits of these major changes the children are experiencing.  Some schools, requiring their teachers to effect a cold-turkey conversion of teaching methods, are now filled with students struggling through curriculum gaps of skills.  What if this all turns out to be brass and glass?  What if I am hypnotized by the hype?  How will it feel to be the last one standing in realization that I was wrong?  I just don't believe, yet, that I am wrong.

I wish we, America, could be at peace with ourselves, if ever just for a moment, again.  Am I the only one who feels the tension?  Political tension, religious tension, way-of-life tension.  If you must know, I claim to be a fairly liberal conservative.  I am steadfast in certain beliefs including the crazy notion that, yes, when reading between the lines of the US Constitution, you will find Christianity.  Crazier still?  America was set up to be a land of the free, but not free from moral responsibility.  Free will does not mean free from consequence.  If you want to live a life that is "against the norm" go ahead and do so.  It's America.  But don't make me the bad guy just because I believe in Jesus who spoke volumes about the way He and his Father -- God -- envisioned God's creation to work.  And I am not judging you.  Judging means I am deciding your eternity.  I don't have that power and I don't want it.  I love you.  Every single one of you.  To love means I want only good things to happen to you.  But I am still free to believe and to point out that you may be doing something in conflict with God.  It's your decision whether you are okay with that or not. 

I wish I could finish something I start.  Just once.  I have started reading "Shepherding A Child's Heart".  The first two chapters were wonderful and spoke right to my heart.  But I haven't come back to it yet.  I guess I should start over.  Which leads me to the following:

I wish I were the parent my sweet, intelligent, dynamic, beautifully blessed and healthy children deserve. 

Speaking of parenting, I wish I could visit my dad in the Philippines.  For so many reasons I really would love taking this trip.  The southern part of the little island Davou City is supposedly really beautiful, slightly touristy, and very Christian.  I want to know what it is about this island country that lured him away.  Is he happy or he is there regretting his decision?  Is he enjoying retirement?  What does he do all day?  But then I would feel sad if I didn't like what I discovered.  So I just want to hug him. 

Okay, so clearly my heart was heavy this morning, filled with far more troubling needs than boots, watches, and fabulous date books.  Thank you all for being my sounding board.  Have a great day!

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