Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ice Cream Sundae Baby Shower for Josie Kate

I'm a new aunt again!  I already had two nieces and three nephews, and now Miss Josie Kate has been added to the mix.  She was born on November 1, 2014 at 12:18 PM weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces and she was 19 inches long.  Before she made her swift entrance into this world, we celebrated the anticipation of her arrival with a baby sprinkle.

Let me back up a little.  I discovered that there are two groups of people in this world—those who know what a sprinkle is and those who've never heard the term.  If you are in the latter, think of it like this: if it’s raining just a tad, you are likely to say “it’s just sprinkling”.  A baby sprinkle is usually given when this is a second, third, etc. pregnancy.  Typically the guest list includes just immediate family and close personal friends.  Laura’s baby sprinkle was no different. 

When I hear the word sprinkle, my word association brings up ice cream sundaes, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and a big juicy cherry on top.  Thankfully the momma-to-be my sister-in-law obliged and allowed me to throw her a Sundaes-On-Sunday Baby Sprinkle.  It all started with this gorgeous invitation that she designed herself:

This quote, paraphrased from something I found online attributed to the late actor Paul Walker, was a great mood-setting display:

We played the always-fun "Don't Say Baby" game and the winner received an amazingly wonderful holiday scented candle.  Always a safe prize.  

Sadly, I was so excited about noshing on all the yummy goodness, that I didn't take any great pictures of our ice cream sundae bar.  Here's the best I could do:

We also had some food munchies and Laura's favorite family punch recipe (not pictured).  

My advice to anyone who wants to throw a Sundae Shower is to just Google or Pintrest the subject.  There are so many wonderful ideas in bloggerland these days.

Josie's nursery will feature this gorgeous pink wooden monogram.  It made a great mantle centerpiece, too. 

Big brother Mason, my nephew, showed up just in time to help with some gifts.  He is not yet two, and has a lot to learn about this new baby entering his world.  Lord, please help him transition well.

Like I said, I'm a new aunt.  Josie's here!  Welcome to the world, Josie.  There are so many people who are glad to meet you and thankful for your perfect health!

Josie with her Daddy and Mommy... 

Josie with her (soon-to-be) favorite Aunt Em and big cousin Rob:

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