Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Robert Corry, Jr!

Rob came into our lives when we absolutely needed him the most, yet expected him the least.  If you don't know what I mean, then just take my word for it. He's the one who named me "mom".  He's the one who completely changed my perspective of the world - of what's good and just and perfect.  He's the one who was gifted to me when I believed I was so undeserving of the responsibility.

I was convinced Rob was going to be a girl.  I didn't find out what gender I was carrying until about 8 months - at that point I would have just waited until birth, but my prenatal health was declining and we all needed to take a closer look.  So this "girl" of mine was going to be named Meredith Grace Morris - MGM.  Just in case I was wrong (pssshaw - as if!) Bobby and I decided we needed a boy's name, too.  I was dead set on Roman or Rocco.  There is always something so magical and miraculous about expecting a baby, but this first pregnancy of mine breathed new life into our happily-ever-after notions that Bobby and I had long since tucked away.  Therefore, when I knew that "Meredith Grace" was only imagined, there was no doubt my "Roman" should be named Robert Corry Morris, Jr.   And 10 years later, that decision has never been questioned... see for yourself!

As I sit and reflect on 10 years of parenting, Rob's olend of the best and worst Bobby and I have to offer still fascinates me. For instance, he loses his patience with others very easily (Bobby). But only because he believes in the goodness of others, which frequently disappoints him (me).  Rob is strikingly handsome and tall (Bobby) with light brown hair and dark eyes (me).  He has a dry wit (Bobby) and a huge imagination (me).  Rob loves sports of all kinds (Bobby) but unfortunately he has the coordination of a one-legged kangaroo (me). Rob is a natural born story-teller (definitely me) and loves to work a crowd (both of us).  People are drawn to Rob for his loyalty and trustworthiness (definitely Bobby).

Ten years!  It seems hardly possible!  I know the next 8 years are going to FLY; soon we will be moving Rob to some Ivy League college Tuscaloosa as he begins college.  But for now, I still cherish the times he lets me snuggle up close to him and remind him that he is always, always going to be my sweet baby Robbo!

Happy birthday Rob!

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