Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas Helena!

This past weekend was the Helena (AL) Christmas parade and the kiddos and I joined my mother, Kristy, and Josh to enjoy the festivities.  It wasn't as cold as it looks in the pictures.  But it was overcast and wintry.  Guess that's good "Christmas" weather. 

This was Caroline's first Christmas parade.  Since we didn't do any parades last year, this could very well be the first Christmas parade Rob remembers.  Both children loved their time.

When I uploaded this picture onto my computer, I had Caroline in my lap.  She immediately started making the "Ahhhhh" noise that she was making during the shot.  She's such a camera ham!

 Rob took this picture himself.  Can'tcha tell?

This is how Rob wanted to enjoy the parade.  And rock on, Mom!  It takes some strength and bone density to be able to oblige!  I helped her out by lending my shoulders too.
See?  Of course, he was quite heavy, so it's apparent I did not know I was being photographed.  I guess I'm only sharing this picture so you'll believe I didn't leave him on my mom's shoulders the whole time.  You're welcome.

Here are a couple of quick videos of the day.  By the way, I took these using my iPhone and I keep forgetting I'm supposed to turn the phone sideways to better film something.  So please forgive the black sidebars.

Please remember to keep Christ in Christmas!  Merry Christmas from the Morris family.  There'll be more merry to come.

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