Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back To Bed, Sleepyhead! Please?

Where did my precious little baby girl go?  And who is this female monster who terrorizes me at bedtime each...and...every...night? I truly feel like a first-time mom all over again.  Rob and Caroline could not be more different in terms of their temperment if they tried.
Caroline was brought home from the hospital on a cold December day in 2009 and she was so peacefully perfect!  She was a delicate little flower who fit so nicely into our Morris bouquet!  It used to be that she would sleep anytime, anywhere.  If she were sleepy, you just said "night, night" to her.
Well, last night after an hour of rocking, patting, and putting an almost-sleeping baby into her bed only to hear her sit up and cry, I was exhausted and decided to let her just cry it out.  She stopped crying and I felt instant relief!  But then out of nowhere...wait for it...there she was in my bedroom!
Y'all, she has learned how to climb out of her crib.  Life as I know it is over!  She is not a sleeper anymore!  She only takes cat naps; we have to be silent when she is asleep.  I can almost never transfer her into her bed if she has fallen asleep in the car. What a non-sleeping li'l booger she is!
I should tell you a little history.  Rob was so sweet and easy to put to bed.  We had a process that we stuck to each night: rocking while reading a book, rocking and patting his back a little bit more, then put him into bed.  Now we have incorporated nighttime prayers into that routine, but after 4 years bedtime is a breeze! 
Not the story with Caroline.  She will not allow me to read her a book while rocking.  She's waaay to active.  Rocking her to sleep is a challenge, too, because she kicks around and plays with my hair and does everything she can to stay awake.  Now she also climbs out of her bed, too!
Ah, the glory days of the rocking chair!  With Rob, I was a rock-star mamma and it didn't bother me to be a rocker.  Now, with Caroline, I just want some consistency.  Tell me mammas, what method works best with y'all?  I really want my princess back!

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