Saturday, June 4, 2011

Caroline is 18 Months Old!

Y'!  Where did the time go? I know, I know.  You are first asking "Where did the monthly updates go".  Once you read how active we have been, I hope you will have an understanding and a forgiving heart.
Weight: 23 1/2 lbs
Height: 31"
(very approximate measurements; our 18-month Dr's Appt is next week)

Sleeping Patterns: You go to bed about 7:30 PM.  Finally, after long months filled with long nights, you sleep through the night! Wahoo!  You sleep about 12 hours which is great!  You take one nap; its length varies depending on where you sleep and whether or not I managed to feed you lunch before you sleep.
Eating Habits: You are a great eater, just like your brother was at your age.  Some of your favorites include waffles for breakfast, fruit at any time, BBQ beans, green beans, chick peas as a snack, hot dogs (that I cut up into tiny pieces), etc.  Your guilty pleasure is a brown sugar/cinnamon Pop Tart.  Mommy was raised on them and your brother loves them, so that is no surprise.
New Discoveries & Accomplishments: One word: independence! No, you can't say that word; rather, you display your desire for independence in everything you do.  You like to feed yourself.  You like to brush your own teeth.  You have learned how to climb out of your bed.  You even fiddle with the straps of the car seat when we go somewhere.  You are (finally) talking a lot more.  You say "no" for every question, but I have noticed you also have picked up a sassy "NO" if you don't want to eat, etc.  Ugh, I think the 2's will be...hmm, interesting! Speaking of talking, Rob is "Bubba", you started calling me Mommy instead of mama.  You have a version of "I Love You" that is so sweet.  All drinks are "Dew".  You call your beloved "Pappy" whenever it gets lost.  You have started referring to your blanket as a "Night-Night".  Anytime you want to go anywhere, you whine say "Go".  Also, you are getting good at mimicking.  If someone asks you to say something, your 'babble' will contain the same amount of syllables and voice inflection.  So it won't be long until you are a true blabber mouth like Mommy!
Places You Love: We recently bought a Zoo membership and have taken you three times.  Once was with Pappa Joe which was a great day!  We spent hours at the ballpark this spring watching brother practice and play T-ball.  You loved playing in the dirt by the dugout more than anything else, but at least you were happy.  We have been to the park several times and your favorite thing to do is either swing or climb up the slide from the bottom.  Finally, we just got back from the beach and you loved everything about it.  You had fun in the pool; the beach and sand did not bother you.  The ocean amazed you. I wish we were there right now, but I promise to take you back really soon.
Special Friends: You are an animal lover, but you like the animals to stay at a distance!  It's funny.  You are crazy about your Aunt Kristy and your "Aunt" Laura.  At the beach, you got to play with your cousin Olivia who just adored you like a living doll.  You are surrounded by a multitude of family and friends, but without a doubt, you love your brother unconditionally.
Current Events: On May 7th, Jockey John Velazquez won the Kentucky Derby riding Animal Kingdom.  The weather has been crazy around here!  On April 27th terrible storms swept the Southeast and in Alabama around 300 people were killed an incredibly destructive tornado.  In May, heavy rains caused flooding in the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys. People in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas were forced to leave their homes.  And last but not least, Oprah Winfrey said goodbye to daytime television.  Her last show aired after 25 years.
What We Did This Day: Your 18-month b'day fell on Wednesday, June 1, 2011.  Today we woke up in beautiful Orange Beach, AL.  We had a blast, although this was Day 5 of our vacation and it had started taking a toll on your little body.  You were exhausted.  We played in the pool and on the beach all day, then that evening we ordered food in from the Shrimp Basket and had an impromptu dinner party/beach party in the condo with Mommy, Nona, brother, Khaki, Kylee, Great Aunt Joyce, Timberly, Jack, and Olivia.  It was a blast.  You stayed up way past your bedtime, but you slept late the next day.

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