Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back From The Beach (Boo Hoo)...Part 2

I told y'all yesterday Caroline loved, loved the beach.  She loved everything about it.  Rob?  Not so much.  He did make a sand castle or two, and he did enjoy watching the seagulls, but the ocean alarmed him.  He didn't want anyone sitting near it; he didn't want anyone using buckets or shovels near it; he certainly didn't want anyone taking Caroline into it.
Is Rob afraid of water?  No way.  I mentioned in an earlier post that the constant motion of the tide combined with the rough waves (red flag) had him convinced everyone and everything would be swept away.  Water - as in the swimming pool - Rob loved!
It was really nice in the pool, too.  Not too cold and not overly "chemically" smelling.  I know there is a responsibility to keep public pools sanitary, but I hate it when you feel like you are in a test lab rather than in a pool.  All that chlorine hurts my eyes and makes my skin feel gross!  This pool was not like that.  Yay!  Caroline was so happy, too.  (See a trend?  She was really going with the flow this week.) She would kick her legs just like she had been swimming for years.  She may really be the athlete of the family.
By the way, can I just mention how good Kylee is with kids?  She is the best.  If she weren't such the social butterfly, I'd hire her to be my permanent nanny.  But I know that would crimp her style.  Speaking of style, she's always just gorgeously put together, too! (I know you are reading this, Kylee, and you are probably blushing.)
This vacation was about doing what you love.  Rob loved the pool, Caroline loved just about everything, and some people loved just getting away and relaxing.  I'm not naming any names, but...
...golly geez.  How did that picture get in here?  Hahaha.  There is something so tranquilizing about the breeze, the sounds and the smells of being at the shore.  It puts you right to sleep.
Speaking of doing what you love, I love forcing my family into group shots.  And usually they turn into total train wrecks.  But how good are these pictures below?  Check 'em out:
Time for just a little more play time in the sand before we call this trip a memory:

Okay, so over all, I would rate this trip a great success.  We ate at some great restaurants: The Rib Shak, The Crab Trap, Tacky Jack's, and take-out from The Shrimp Basket.  Oh, and on our way home, we fueled up for the trip at Sea N Suds.  The.weirdest.thing.EVER happened after our meal.  Of course I was trying to take a picture of the kids.  Rob wanted no part of that.  Check out Caroline's photo shoot:
Yes...that is a bee on her eyebrow!  And the craziest things are 1.) it didn't sting her and 2.) I didn't even know I had captured this "wildlife" image until I got home and uploaded my pictures!

That's all for now.  I hope your summer is "BUZZ" worthy!

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