Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dog Days Of Summer (albeit a li'l early)

Ahh...summer.  I just love summertime.  Lazy days capped by late nights.  Flower beds bursting with flora and fauna.  My own gardening specialties include the following:
flower beds overflowing with golden lantana
planter's boxes loaded with purple "homestead" verbena
gorgeous pink daylilies
The true "dog days" of summer don't happen until August, but we've been having quite a heat wave lately.  So I really needed to do this:
It's true.  If you look at the grass in the background of that picture, you will see more tan and brown than green.  Even my beautiful blooms above could stand a little moisture.  As I was setting up my sprinkler, it occured to me to introduce Rob to one of summertime's most innocent pleasures.  Thus, with further Ado, please enjoy photos from one late summer evening at the Morris house.

Caroline really wanted no part of the sprinkler play.  However, at the very end of the event, I finally got some smiles out of her with a little wet head.

I hope your summer is turning into something truly beautiful and your happy memories are blooming easily.

Until then,

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