Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Wow!  You know what they say about people whom you've known for a long time getting older?  It's just a sign that you're getting older, too!  Case-in-point: Jonathan is now 24!  He was barely 14 when I first met him. 
The birthday boy young man and our beloved Maw Maw
Happy birthday to a wonderful young man.  When I dream about and pray for Caroline's soul mate floating around out there, he has qualities very reminiscent of Jonathan: family oriented, loyal and loving to everyone he knows, strong minded yet well raised, funny, handsome, driven, hopelessly optimistic.  I am so proud to call you my brother-in-law.
Jonathan and his niece
So on Wednesday night we all gathered at Mimi and Rocky's for some birthday fun.

Mimi made a delicious lasagna that everyone loved, along with a great Caesar salad and yummy rolls!

It wouldn't be a birthday without presents.  As has been mentioned on this blog before, Jonathan has a new house.  So gift cards were the hot item this year.  Hopefully once he starts stocking his house without too much damage to his wallet, he'll appreciate those gift cards' importance!
Laura Jean brought the cake -- a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  I haven't had one of those in a long time!  It was great.
The kids really loved it, too!  What am I saying?  The adults gobbled it up just as easily.

Once the kids got all sugared up, it was time to play! R and C sure do love Uncle Johnny and Aunt La-Jean!
Pajamas came on and R and C got to spend the night with Rocky and Mimi! From what I hear as of writing this post, they were treated to pancakes for breakfast. 
Right now, I'm in Montgomery working for Mom.  I sure do miss my babies, but I'll see them tonight!

Until then,

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