Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Wait...what?  It's Thursday?  Yes, I know this post is a wee bit late.  What are you going to do?  Not read it?

First of all, here's a big ol' shout out to Papa Joe.  On Saturday night the Morris gang went to Pell City and had dinner with him.  We were joined by Uncle Doc, Aunt Barbara, and Aunt Barbara's sweet twin sister.  Unfortunately, both my cameras were rocking dead batteries, so I have no pictures.  Boo!

On Sunday, I went to church and it was the first time in a long time I had no kids with me.  I'd love to say that the Homily ("Sermon" in Protestant-speak) was amazing, but honestly, they are probably always that good because God is great and our priest is wonderful.  I just got to LISTEN for a change.  It's inspiring how changed you immediately feel when your heart is filled with God.  I'm just sayin...

*Side note, all of the pictures in this post were taken on my iPhone, so I'm sorry about the less-than-stellar quality.  Camera batteries were still dead on Sunday...*

After church, I went home, picked up the family, and hinted on Twitter as to where we were headed by posting this picture:
Pool Day!  We ate a not-so-healthy lunch in the car.  So why, oh why, do both my kids feel the need to have a "snack" within the first 10 minutes?  That's just how they roll!
Rob is proudly showing off his snack.  In case the chocolate smears don't give it away, Caroline didn't have anything left to show off! 
So, neither Morris kid is at all afraid of the water!  For Rob, that's actually a misleading statement.  He loves the water in a cautious way.  Sort of like how some people love exotic pets.  He still knows the water can overtake him at any moment.   As a parent, I applaud his caution.  I can relax just a little bit.  Caroline is Hell on Heels, I'm telling you!  We put the swimmies on her and she took off! She immediately started kicking and propelling herself out into the center of the pool.  Then she decided she wanted to jump off the side of the pool and it didn't matter if there was anyone to catch her or not.  Bobby was A...Nervous...Wreck witnessing all of this!
This is how Bobby preferred Caroline to be...safely in his arms clinging to the stairs.  Sorry.  She disagreed.  So onto the family shot below.  Right in the heart of the action: 

Unfortunately, Bobby's scowl the dark and ominous clouds were here to stay.  We eventually saw lightening and high-tailed it out of the water.  Onto the 2nd half of our Sunday Funday...Aunt Kristy and Uncle Jason's house for some Doss-Williams-Morris family time!
Josh and Rob doing what they do best...dancing on the line between play and harm.  Don't they both look so innocent?  Yeah, don't let them fool you!
My sweet little Pool-Rat!

I said "Sunday FUNday", Jason!  Geez...

Oops!  Kristy will kill me for this one.  I caught her with food in her mouth.  And good food it was, too!  We had great spaghetti, a huge crisp salad, and dessert!  Rob made sure we had dessert.  Look at this last shot below.  Can you tell my sweet li'l 4-year-old loves cake?
It's been a great, albeit busy, week, so stay tuned for another fun event coming soon.  Until then,

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