Monday, September 12, 2011

Joe PA..PA...Party!

***Author's Note 8/31/2012  I am leaving this post in tact, changing no words about it.  But at the very mention of Joe Paterno, I must offer my prayers to all the victims in the Sandusky crimes, to all the innocent football players whose football careers will be marred by association with this program, and to all the residents of Happy Valley who simply love football and now question every truth they believed about Penn State University and its "respected" leaders.***

Joe in Paterno...the Penn State Head Football coach.  Saturday 9/10/11 (cool date, huh?) saw Bama play and whoop up on Penn State.  The Morrises had our usual back-porch viewing party.  This one was pretty low key in terms of food and revelrie.  Here are some highlights:
Bobby hates...HATES my taking pictures of him.  And a family picture?  No way!
Well, that is until you throw in BFF and chief trouble-maker Matt.  Just look at those lovebirds!

Below is Matt's mom, Vicki and Matt's youngest, Maddox.  Caroline wanted to hold the baby.  Maddox doesn't look so sure about that prospect!

Speaking of Caroline, I just have to pat myself on the back when it comes to her apparel.  Yes, I totally made her dress all by myself!  I found the pattern idea here...
Check out these besties!  Aren't they cute?
I asked Bobby if he was getting that old familiar feeling while holding Maddox?  He said, "Um not so much!"
Whoa...who invited this clown? Kidding!  He's my brother-in-law and we love him!
Well, that's a wrap for this game.  Final score 27-11.  Roll Tide Roll!

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