Friday, September 9, 2011

Men Love Tools

I'm not sure how well I have documented, but we love entertaining during the fall.  On Saturdays, we have become the go-to house for our circle of friends.  I love that it can be as casual or fancy as we want it to be -- that that decision is usually based on the ferociousness of the opponent. By the way, is ferociousness a word?
Not the best picture of my porch...this is last year's Iron Bowl
We have a TV outside on our covered porch, and the TV has been moved from one rickety baker's rack to another.  Finally, Bobby decided he wanted something more permanent.  "I want to build something," he announced.  (Insert screeching tires sound here.)  Bobby doesn' things.  "Okay..." I cautiously reply.
If this isn't the look of deternination, I don't know what is!
Well, I am so proud of Handy Bobby when he came up with this finished product below...(Warning, all photos were taken with Bobby's iPhone as he sent me pictures of his work to prove he actually built it himself.)
There's a power saw...On.My.Porch!  This could get scary...
Bobby even went to Lowe's and purchased some lumber (above) and plywood (below).
He had been taking these pictures unbeknownst to me.  I was out of town.  It was at this point that he finally alerted me to his goings on and said via text message "Oh, you're gonna blog about this."  Yep, Bobby, I am!

So at this point, once I knew what was going on, I started barking orders making requests.  Perhaps this is why he did not first tell me what he was doing.  I simply asked that he make it functional.  I didn't just want a pile of scrap lumber on my porch forever.
I have storage shelves!
He put a beautiful couple of coats of stain on it.  Also if you look closely, there are casters on the bottom!

...and Ta-Da!  His finished product is actually very sturdy and nice looking!  There is hidden storage in the back, and it is on wheels / casters for easy mobility. 
It's a little big, but I am very proud of Bobby for building (and finishing) it!  I am thinking of painting something on the front...maybe stenciling our family monogram?  Suggestions?

It's going to be a great football season!  Roll Tide!

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