Saturday, December 3, 2011

Deck The Halls

Hi there!  Do you love getting to peek into others' homes and "Ooh" and "Ahh" over their holiday decor ideas?  Me too!  So here's my Christmas present to you: a peek into my home...

This year I put up three trees: our family tree in the living room and a tree in each of the kids' rooms.  Here are the details of my main tree.  (By the way, yes, I know the star is crooked.  I can't seem to make it stand up straight!)
The main tree is a combination of "pretty" ornaments and sentimental ones.  The tree itself is artificial, pre-lit, although I love a lot of lights, so I have added three more strands.  It is an eight-year old tree (purchased with wedding-present gift cards the first Christmas of Bobby's and my marriage).
A couple of firsts: first "family" ornament from '06 and first Christmas from '03
If you look at the above first family ornaments we were depicted by snowmen. I didn't realize it until just now that we are snowmen again when adding a 4th Morris to our family ornament!
I love this ornament -- a nod to our dear Houma, LA friends the 1st year we went to Mardi Gras down there.  This was also the 1st time Rob flew in an airplane.
Roll Tide!  Santa Claus put this ornament in Bobby's stocking in '09.  Little did we know that we would also be celebrating National Championship #13 this same football season!
Rob's tree also features a crooked star.  Perhaps I should just go with it and claim it's my style.  Ha!
I need to get a tree skirt for Rob's tree. There are so many cute ones on blogs and Pinterest these days, but I really am trying to keep Rob's tree as masculine as possible. Suggestions?
On Rob's tree there are plenty of sentimentals tucked in like this sweet ornament!
The hand print on the left is marked on the back -- 9 weeks old.  The footprint on the right is marked 14 months old.  Each has a partner/coordinating hand print/footprint that are on my main tree.
The football player is supposed to play "Yea Alabama" the fight song, but it needs new batteries.  The li'l doggie head is a Boston Terrier.  We had Zoe for 7 years, but she was adopted by a girl in Atlanta now.  Rob still misses her.
On the left is a wooden ornament that my dad made for me 30+ years ago. (Don't ask me why he painted blue PJs on his daughter...) When Rob was a baby, I saw this wooden ornament at a Craft bazaar and bought it for him, knowing it was so similar to my childhood one.

In Caroline's room, she has a pink tree that my dearest friend Amber bought for her when she was born.  Instead of a crooked star, I made a bow for the top of her tree.

She, too, had her hand- and footprint made as a baby.  These above were made when she was 12 weeks old.  She just recently had them made again, but they are not ready to hang yet, so I kept this set together on her tree.
Again I have used some of my childhood ornaments the kids' trees.  This one above likely has a story behind it, but I can't remember it.

 Now I will give you the bonus part of your Holiday peek: more decor.
Our Christmas mantle.  If you look closely, you will see our Elf sitting up there. He likes to move around the house, but this is today's perch. 
I also have a new found love of nutcrackers.  In the picture above, I have some kind of dramatic ones on the mantle, as well as a cute Santa's workshop nutcracker.
Beside the tree, on an end table I have a nutcracker grouping.  Notice the Rock Star in the back.  Also the ballerina/princess.  She was from Caroline's Nutcracker Ballet 1st birthday party last year.
In a corner of my kitchen I have corner shelf unit full of nutcrackers.  If you look on the top shelf you will see...
...the one that Rob says is his favorite.  He's been hot for pirates for a while now and it doesn't seem to be cooling off.
A third and final grouping of nutcrackers is near a lamp on my buffett.  What an odd variety, right?  A soldier, a vampire, a police officer and an angel.
Since I have your attention in my kitchen, I just love this!  It's a little trivet / tile that Rob made in school last year.  I am a huge sucker for sentimental decorations.  I plan to keep collecting memories and I hope someday my tree is full of Popsicle ornaments, etc.

Well, that's it for now.  May God continue to bless you this Holiday season and throughout the year.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. The first year we were married, we had a very uniform tree with pretty ornaments. Then we moved, twice! We lived, traveled, and collected. Our tree is slowly loosing its uniformity. Yours is beautiful and such a wonderful nod to memories and the things/people you love.

    My husband and I are from Thibodaux-Houma! We moved away a year ago, but we go home at least three times a year. Isn't it a wonderful place! So glad I found your blog during the 31 day challenge! Hoping to participate next year, too.