Saturday, December 3, 2011

Caroline Elizabeth is 2 Years Old!

Weight: TBA (Dr.'s appt next week)
Height: TBA (Dr.'s appt next week)
Sleeping Patterns: Girl, you are not a sleeper! We start your bedtime routine around 7:45 or so.  We have to read anywhere from 3 - 4 books of your choosing, then we rock-rock.  Your favorite bedtime books right now are "Pi'r Book" (a.k.a. "Itsy Bitsy Spider") "Ti'r Book" (that's tiger in your language) and "Monkey Choo-Choo" (a.k.a. "My Little Train" which has a monkey passenger).  You do take a nap everyday, but it only lasts about an hour and a half or so...
   My Little Train
Eating Habits: You still eat pretty well.  Your current favorite food is "Nuh'it" (nuggets) from McDonald's.  You call every dry snack from crackers to chips a "cookie" and you call all cake varieties "choc'it".  You still love sweet potatoes and green beans, too.
New Discoveries & Accomplishments: You have started talking all...the...time!  And you are making complete sentences, too! As I type this, you are telling me "I wanna watch Melmo (Elmo)."  You have discovered a true love for all things "Melmo".  You have a stuffed Melmo that you sleep with, one of your favorite books is "Melmo's Birfay" (birthday), and we are having an Elmo birthday party for you on Sunday the 4th.
Places You Love: You really are a happy child, and just like being with your family.  We have not taken you anywhere exciting recently; just the usual trips to Wal-Mart, the shopping mall, or the grocery store.  But as long as Mommy and Bubba are with you, you are happy. 
Special Friends: Every time I ask you if you want to go to Ms Beth's house, you say "See Morgie".  You are crazy about a little 4-yr-old boy, Morgan.  I guess he must be your first boyfriend (boo-hoo).  You still love your brother so much that you want to do everything, say everything, and mimic everything he does.  You have a lot of fun playing with Whitney whenever she gets a chance to come into town.  You also love your cousin Josh.  Whenever I mention Aunt Kristy, you say "Josh home?"
Current Events: The most heartbreaking stories are coming from the football department of Penn State University.  Legendary Coach Joe Paterno was (understandably) fired for his lack of actions/reaction regarding former Asst Coach Jerry Sandusky's alleged abuse of several minors.  In other football news, the great and mighty Crimson Tide won this year's Iron Bowl securing a #2 BCS ranking and a hopeful rematch against LSU for the Nat'l Championship! Roll Tide!
What We Did This Day: Your birthday is December 1st (Thursday).  On this day, you woke up to find that our Elf on the Shelf, "Eights" had brought you birthday balloons!  Sweet Eights!  You and I spent the day together playing at home.  You went to Nona's house to take your nap, because someone was here helping us finish our hardwood floors, but after your nap, you, Rob, and I went to have a li'l photo shoot for Christmas.  Then we finished the day with your favorite meal, McDonald's Nuh-its.  Your party is Sunday with close family and friends.

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