Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Soccer Sweetie

After 3 seasons of tee-ball and coach-pitch baseball (2 springs and 1 fall) Rob broke Bobby's and my heart by announcing he did not want to play baseball this year.  SeriouslySad news.

Then one day Rob brought home a flyer informing us that Prince of Peace soccer registration had opened.  Rob caught wind of this (let's face it; it's not like Rob read it himself) and immediately started wanting to play soccer.  Wait...what??? Bobby was less than enthused.  He has never been a fan of this sport, but he did admit he was happy Rob wanted to do something

So, with no further ado, Rob is now a soccer player.  This past Thursday was Rob's first practice. 
There are 6 kids on the team: Rob, Ryan, Charlie, Abby, Olivia, and Keegan.  They all are either in Rob's class or in the other 4's at POP.  Bobby and I were secretly hoping he wouldn't like it and we could direct him back to the baseball diamond. Rob LOVED it.  I think it really helps that Rob already knows these kids and is surrounded by his peers.  He now says all the time "I can't wait until next Thursday!" That's his next practice.  Here are some shots from practice #1:

...and that's a wrap!  Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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