Monday, February 27, 2012

My Painted House

Bobby and I have been in our house for 6 1/2 years.  For obvious reasons, our descriptin of this house has evolved from sprawling estate to cozy cramped family home. 

We have done various updates over the years trying to remain current with market trends and home styles.  The house itself is probably about 16+ years old and the exterior is a combination of masonite siding, stone, and dryvit.  One thing that I am now certain has never happened is having the paint and trim work updated.  Well, guess what:  we're doing it!  I'm so excited!

Here is a slide show of before shots and why this was such a necessary endeavor:
The front of my house "before".  I would best describe my color as greige, but something tells me it is a very sun-faded version of its original color.
Then, again, on the side of the house it looks less "greige" and more "beige".  The sun has a funny way of changing paint color over the years.
Notice the rotting trim work on the bottom left of the window...
My masonite siding is showing signs of water and weather damage.  Yuck!
I love my covered back patio.  It is the location of many documented events and gatherings.  But my back doors are an eyesore!
Well, enter the painters.  The first thing they did was update caulking and start on all the trim work.  I just have to share this picture below.  After the slope of our driveway, this guy must be over 2 stories up, and he's acting like it's nothing:
Compare this above to the picture of my darling hubby below back in November 2011.  He hates, hates, hates hanging our Christmas lights.  Each year when he gets to this apex he shakes, curses, and wishes he had a much bigger life insurance policy!  
Oh, if you only knew what it took behind the scenes to get Bobby on this ladder! Ha!
Okay, so back to the painting.  Picking a paint color may just be harder than picking baby names, but we decided on a mushroomy color.  It's ever so slightly darker than in the picture below.  It dries a tone darker.  But I can tell already I'm going to love it!

I cannot wait to see and then show all of you the finished project!  It won't be long, now!

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