Monday, February 6, 2012

National Championship in NOLA!

[Warning...this is a very picture-heavy post, but I'm cramming a wonderful weekend into just one I'm back-log blogging.]

So how y'all doing?  As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the month of January adjusting to a new (yet old familiar) lifestyle.  But too bad for me because the Morris clan had previously arranged plans to travel to Houma and New Orleans, LA for a little ol' football game.  Can anyone scream "Road Trip"?
PS: I'm not actually "showing" yet.  But with a combination of the windy day and the unflattering top...YUCKY!
Notice Lorie's black and gold attire above?  Well, on Saturday the N.O. Saints were in a playoff game.  As much as we all love the Crimson Tide (and we DO!) the Saints are like, well, saints in the area. So we spent Saturday hanging out and getting ready for some NFL.

By the way, it's nice having a best friend with a fresh seafood market in the family.  Anyone want some fresh raw oysters on the half-shell?  Thanks for that fine shuckin' Shane!!!
Well, finally Sunday arrived.  We got up super early and make the 1 hr drive northeast to New Orleans.  It was on, y'all.  Eight (8) of us piled into our Expedition and headed to the Crescent City, prepared to show them who was boss! 

In Jackson Square, this guy was playing "Sweet Home Alabama"!  Um, Awesome!!!
We ate lunch at this little cafe and I swear, I had the BEST muffaletta...ever!!!
There really is music on every corner!
Some sights and fun in the city!
Did you know that you can't just TAKE a shot in the bars?  Men have to "retrieve" the shots, and women have to go after them.  Oh well, it's alcohol, so it'll kill the germs, right?
I...uh...there are no words!
Rashad Johnson, Alabama c/o 2009 DB (top, center) and his buddies were in the city partying, too!
Finally, it was the day of the big game!  Some of us (not me) woke up feeling a little, well... But sweet, beautiful Whitney was all about her Bama Houndstooth pride! 

So, what do you do when you wake up with "your mind right" on game day but you realize you have almost 8 hours until kickoff?  Play cards, of course!
There was plenty of good ballgame food, but we were in southern Louisiana, so there was also a king cake, natch...

This poor tiger's tag says "Roll over the Tide!"  I don't think so!...
It's finally game-time!
Heck Yeah!
Look how happy he is! And check out that score...21-0 baby!

Trust me, they'll both be celebrating tomorrow!
And, that's a wrap for this fun-filled long weekend in Louisiana!  Thank you Shane and Lorie for opening your house to all us crazies.  We love you bunches!


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