Sunday, February 26, 2012

Laura became a Mrs...Part 1

Well, hello there!  I am finally recuperated from all the hilarity that ensued in the two weeks leading up to Jonathan and Laura's wedding.  As I write this, the happy couple are making their way home from a fantastic honeymoon and I am sitting on edge waiting to hear all about it.

Before Laura could get hitched, the bridesmaids and some of her closest friends threw her a lingerie/bachelorette party.  It was held one week before the wedding at the beautiful home of Bridesmaid Kendra's parents. 

No party would be complete without a bustier cake, but this one was actually red velvet.  Oh sweetnees!

Laura got some beautiful presents, but something tells me this was not something she wore on her honeymoon...

Here are almost all of her bridesmaids lined up, ready to go out:

And finally it was time to hit the road... we dispersed from the party but reconvened at the historic Tutweiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham. 
From the Tutweiler a limo picked us up and took us to some local night spots.  What bachelorette would be complete without her veiled appearance?  We were good to Laura.  We put nothing vulgar or phallic on her.  Rather, we dressed her up like the princess every bride should embody...Cinderella!

 Let me remind you, my faithful readers, that I am with child.  So it was extremely interesting, to say the least, to spend the evening club-hopping.  Bottled water and fresh air were my best friends.  Luckily we had VIP hookup and I had a place to sit down.  But forgive me for being a social butterfly.  The band was playing such fabulous music that I rarely noticed how tired I was.  Plus, it's Laura.  It was never an option to not go to her bachelorette party.

A mere seven days later Jonathan and Laura got married.  I cannot and would not spoil the big reveal of her big day, but I do have to share three images:
That's my guy in the middle and the happy groom on the right.  Love my men!
Rob (right) and Ryan R. made handsome ring bearers!
Caroline was one of two flower girls.  Once I get the go ahead to blog all about Laura's wedding, I will tell you all about how disasterous Caroline was.  But in light of how perfect the wedding was -- as a whole -- I guess Caroline's behavior was not that big of a deal.

Needless to say the wedding photography previews are breath-taking.  But just wait until you see the newest SISTER-in-law!

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