Monday, February 13, 2012

Some Rob-ness

Short post with a couple of Rob-topics.  First of all, is there anyone left who doesn't completely love Pinterest?  There were so many adorable ideas for Valentine's Day pinned by people that I had a hard time choosing just the right inspiration.  But here is how Rob's treats for his classmates turned out:

Tomorrow is Rob's class party.  But he won't be there.  Sad, right?  He'll be getting his 2nd set of ear tubes placed.  He had them done when he was about 18 months old, but they eventually stopped working and then fell out. Sometimes that is the end of the story, but with Rob he continued to get ear infections. 

There are times when I think Rob strains to even hear.  Dr. Boyd is an excellent ENT and when he looked in Rob's ears he equated them to the sensation when you are changing altitudes really quickly (i.e. on a plane landing).  His ear drums are thinned out and pulled back.  According to Dr. Boyd, placing the tubes will allow his ear drums to repair themselves.

This is such a mild procedure, I hesitate to even call it a surgery, but Rob will be under general anesthesia so I guess that qualifies.  Anyway, prayers go out to the doctor to have a steady hand, to the anesthesiologist to be aware of Rob the entire time, to the nurses to have a caring and nurturing spirit, and to Rob to not miss his Valentine's party too much!

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