Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Rob (and me)

Yesterday, 8/15 was my 34th birthday.  Wow, I can't believe I just admitted my age.  No, you are not getting my weight and measurements next!  However, there is so much going on right now with the new baby, new house reno and decor, etc., that yesterday was the best possibility to host Rob's 6th birthday party.  He won't actually be six until August 28th.  Hopefully by then I will be back in enough of a stable routine that I can blog about his turning six!

Rob is very much into dinosaurs right now, so that became our theme for the party. This blog by Hostess with the Mostess is where I give all credit to my printables creativity...I used her color scheme as inspiration and then designed the invitations and all the printables using Powerpoint.  Then I saved them all as .pdf versions and sent to my local Staples for printing.  I'm no professional; there is some pretty generic use of clip art here.  But I think they turned out great!  I can't remember the source of the font I used, but I do know I Googled "dinosaur font" and downloaded a free one that popped up.  It's called "prehistoric".

Here are the food items served.  Look closely at my kitchy food labels...I love having fun with stuff like this:
Overall the party was a success.  Rob's buddies from POP (pre-school) were there and he hasn't seen most of them all summer.  So it was a reunion of sorts!  Here are some images from all the fun:

Cousins Lauren and Caroline coming down the slide
There was a hurricane wind machine there.  It was a hit with the kiddos!

Caleb and Rob

buddies RJ, Rob, and Caleb
Carson and it me or do they look like they are up to something?
After playtime it was time for all of those yummy snacks pictured above...then cake!
sweet brothers Colby and Houston enjoying the party
I just love this shot of Caroline and her Rocky...and the one below of CC and Aunt Laura!

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