Friday, August 17, 2012

Kindergarten Here We Come!

Look out Kindergarten, here we come!

Six years ago today I was extremely pregnant with Robert Corry, Jr..  Rob was not due until the beginning of September, but he was born on Aug 28th.  I was induced early due to some pretty strong pre-eclampsia issues.  Six years ago today Bobby and I were two young people who knew nothing about being parents.  We just knew that we were on the fast track to a family.  We knew we had a baby boy on the way and we were certain that life would never be the same.  If only we knew then how much goodness was behind that sentiment.

And now, my sweet little life-changer is about to experience a life change of his own.  He is so tender and gentle to those he loves.  I know he will always be this way, but he is also turning into, well, a boy with boy humor, boy interests and boy toys.  Don't get me wrong; this is a good thing.  He is shaping into the person God designed him to be.  But again Bobby and I are on the fast track -- this time to raising a male adolescent. 

I have been told by many that once your child starts school life never slows down again until you are one day sitting at a commencement ceremony wondering where the time went.  I can certainly envision where that may be true.  This morning Rob had the chance to go see his classroom at Helena Elementary and meet his teacher. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that my firstborn is entering Kindergarten! 

Rob testing out his new seat at his table.  Don't let that smile fool you; he was so shy this morning!
Rob and his new teacher, Ms. Stainback.  See you Monday!

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