Monday, July 5, 2010

Caroline Is 7 Months Old!

(Note: this post is late b/c you had a cold and were not photogenic at all.  Plus, we have been celebrating July 4th.)

Weight: 16 lbs
Length: 26 1/4"

Sleeping Patterns: You go to bed about 7:30 PM. You definitely will let us know when you are ready! You can fall asleep on your own, but you really like a little rocking, and Mommy and Daddy don't mind that snuggle time at all! Major development in the last month:  you sleep through the night!  Woo Hoo!  You wake up for the morning between 5:45 and 6:00 AM, but sometimes I can feed you and let you take a quick cat-nap while I rub my eyes/turn on the coffee maker.  Mid-morning naps are inconsistent these days.  You are still taking a longer mid-afternoon nap.  Just like big brother, you are a busy-body sleeper.  You are never in the same position you started.

Eating Habits: Milestone moment: you eat solid foods now. You take 6 - 8 oz in the morning.  Mid-morning and lunch time is a jar of baby food and 4 oz formula.  Then you will take 2 more bottles: one mid afternoon and one at bedtime.  You love sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, squash, and applesauce.  You are not crazy about green beans (who is?) and prunes are quite a mess-maker later...

New Discoveries & Accomplishments: Milestone moment: You can crawl! You are on the move, little girl!  You are also not sastified with crawling, either.  You have found your feet.  You pull up to standing in your bed, at the coffee table, at the recliner, etc.  Sometimes when you are crawling, you crawl with your feet instead of your knees.  Slow down!  You are only a baby once.  But you make me so proud!  All that toy-in-mouth business of last month has resulted in another excitement: You have two teeth!  Your bottom front ones have popped through the surface and are growing tall.  The first was your right on 6/25/10.  The one on your left came a few days later while Mommy was in Destin with Nona.  You are such a talker! You go on and on sometimes.  You have a huge personality!

Places You Love: You still like your exersaucer, but mostly you just want to be free to crawl around the house.  I have to chase you all the time.  When we go to the store, you now sit up in the buggy (in a shopping cart cover).  You love to smile at all the other customers.  You are a ham!  You got to go to the beach for Memorial Day and you liked the sand.  You have been to the pool, too and you really liked the water.  It didn't bother you at all.  Thanks Godmother Stephanie for our great pool day!

Special Friends: You spent a week with Ms Beth while Mommy and Nona worked a conference in Destin.  All the boys and girls -- Allie, Braxton, Morgan, Ella, and Jacob -- loved on you again. You are still Daddy's princess and Rob's dream-come-true sibling.  You play well with everyone.  You are very outgoing and seem to not be shy at all!

Current Events: The oil has hit the beaches.  It's really sad that it is still flowing and washing up on the beaches.  Hurricane Alex hit Eastern Texas as a category 2, but luckily did not do too much additional damage to the Gulf Oil Spill.  The country is still holding its breath and praying for answers in the case of missing 8-yr-old Kyron Hormon.  Twilight Saga: Eclipse is all anyone can talk about in the movie theaters.  Russian spies have been arrested here in the US living as simple suburbanites.  US Soccer team did very well in the US World Cup. 

What We Did This Day: On your 7-month birthday, Mommy woke up in Destin, FL.  You went to Ms Beth's house while Daddy worked.  I picked you up and loved on you so much!  I had missed you terribly!  Brother spent this day with Rocky.  We're getting ready for the Fourth of July and we're planning a celebration at our house.  I think you are getting a cold.  Your eyes are very red and puffy, and you have terrible congestion.  So we will have to see how you feel in the next couple of days!

Wondering why this post didn't start with our traditional pose?  You won't sit still long enough!!!  I love you, my little busy-body!

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