Monday, July 26, 2010

Leavin...On a Jet Plane!

Well, only one Morris actually left on that Jet Plane...ROB Morris!!!

Oh, yeah!  He got to go to Phoenix, AZ for 4 days with Nona, Papa, Lauren, and Micah to visit Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tom, and some cousins Anna and Spence.  This shot (below) was taken with Mom's phone-camera at around 6:00 AM:

Now, I was sleeping soundly, but somewhere over the Birmingham skies, you could have seen something similar to this:
According to Mom, Rob did great on the 1st leg from Bham to Dallas/Ft. Worth.  They had a brief layover and then a flight to Phoenix.  On the 2nd flight, Rob got a little antsy and at one point he said, "Whew!  I'm ready to land this bird!"

1st on the agenda once they arrived:
By the way, that is Tom and Kathy's backyard...not a resort!  Beautiful, huh?
I'm sure they're having a great time!  But, gee, Bobby, Caroline, and I miss him already!
More to come!

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