Saturday, August 7, 2010

Caroline Is 8 Months Old!


Weight: 18 lbs
Length: 27 1/4"
Sleeping Patterns: You go to bed about 7:30 PM. You've been a great sleeper, but I'm wondering if you are going through a growth spurt...(likely since you've grown a whole inch and 2 pounds!)  You've been waking up through the night.  I've tried to let you "cry it out" but you just get yourself more stirred up.  All I have to do is go give you pappy again and snuggle you up in your blanket.  But still...would be nice if you would sleep continuously...
 Eating Habits: Girl, you will not miss a meal!  You are a great eater!  You drink 8 oz bottles now about 4 times a day.  You also eat solid foods mid morning and mid afternoon.  You have discoved Gerber Biter Biscuits and you love them!  You have had banana pudding, Papa's pineapple pudding, and when we go out to eat, we'll order you a side of mashed potatoes which you love. 
New Discoveries & Accomplishments: Well, you crawl all over the place.  You are a mover and shaker!  You will literally chase mommy around the house!  You say Bye-Bye and you even wave your hand (though not usually on command).  You say Da-Da all the time even though I practice MaMa with you.  You say Bite sometimes and we're working on someting for Brother.  It usually comes out "Bu'h".  Hmm, guess you have that "B" sound down pat.  The biggest new discovery is the world around are so curious and into everything!  You like to explore things with your mouth...those two bottom teeth are getting quite the workout.
Places You Love:  The floor!  You and your excersaucer seem to have broken ties this month.  You want to be free to crawl and discover.  You spent the day with Stephie this month and you liked it over there, you refused to sleep.  I'm sure Steph wished you didn't like it quite so much (hahaha).
Special Friends: You play well with everyone. You are very outgoing and seem to not be shy at all!  You really like Nona's dog Wesley...good thing, too, b/c no one else does!  I think you can say dog.  Well, there is just this one sound that you always make whenever you see dogs.  Doesn't sound like anything to most people, but I know you know what you are saying.
Current Events: One of Mommy's favorite actors, Mel Gibson, has been in the news lately because he is not being very nice at all and he has been tape recorded using all kinds of bathroom words to his wife.  A federal judge blocks key sections of the Arizona immigration law, including law enforcement's ability to request legal documentation of U.S. citizenship from suspected illegal immigrants, and the requirement for immigrants to carry papers at all times. After 86 days of gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico and several previous attempts to contain the flow, BP caps its leaking oil well. The oil well has leaked hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil—some estimates say millions—since the deadly explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20.
What We Did This Day: On Sunday (Aug 1st) we had a slow morning around the house.  You played and played, then we went to visit Great-MawMaw Williams at her apartment.  Later we took MawMaw to MeeMaw and Granddaddy's house so the big kids and grown ups could enjoy some of his yummy Boston Butt!  Granddaddy knows his way around a grill, that's for sure!  You got to sample some mashed up baked beans and loved them!

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