Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy B'day Mommy!

Well, better late than never, but I wanted to share with you guys my wonderful 3* birthday!  My actual birthday fell on Sunday August 15th.  But in typical ~me~ fashion, I managed to squeeze in multiple celebrations.  My good ol' dad was in town on Friday, so we went out to eat.  Dad brought me a surprise, too...
That's my surprise -- my Aunt Joyce joined us.  It had been toooooooo long since I had seen her and I reeeeeally enjoyed catching up.  It had been a little bit since the kids had seen their Papa Joe, so they were loving some P.J. time.  
I am sad to report I didn't snap any pics of Vishell that night.  I enjoyed her company, too.  Love you Lady V!

Took a break Saturday, but Sunday we went to church, then it was time for more celebration!  Ate at Mom's house.  Caroline looked aMAYzingly fabulous and oh-so-frilly.  Thank you Aunt Joyce for her 1st tutu!  But when you look as darling as she did, you get to refuse looking at the camera whenever you wish...
Cake time!

(L-R Rob, Lauren, Me, CC, Micah.  Nope, I'm not telling you what I wished for!  But I wish I wished for more of that delicious cake from Edgar's!)

And for the finale...(Are you keeping count?  This would be my 3rd b'day celebration...) My best and some dearest friends in the world and I all got together.  Amber and I discovered that among the plethora of commonalities we share, we also have the very same birthday.  I think I was born about 2 hours earlier at a hospital across town.  We have been best friends since age 14.  I'm not telling you how many b'days we have celebrated together, but it IS less than 20!
My sista-from-anotha-mutha Kylee joined us, and my dear Cajun besties the Stewarts (Lorie, Shane, and Whitney) were in town.  We tried out Chuy's, the newest Tex-Mex restaurant in town.  Delicious food, great prices, but I will probably wait until the hype dies down before returning.
Funny story: Chuy's has this great patio area.  Despite the 100-degree summer we are having with 80% humidity, we all decided to sit outside since it would likely get us a table more quickly.  Well, before we even received our drink order, this happened...
Okay, that didn't photograph well.  You would normally be able to see shopping and blue skies behind our husbands.  What you actually can barely see are sheets of driving rain.  Those little pines are blowing in the wind!  I'm talking major shower here, folks!  Good thing I talked my hubby into taking this before dinner:
That's a wrap, people!  See ya next August 15th (and 16th, 17th, etc.)

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