Sunday, August 8, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday...

So, it would seem I've had a birthday-filled weekend.  Saturday evening, Bobby took the kiddos to visit the Hardins and I had a girls' night out celebrating my cousin's birthday.  She's only 8 days older than me (hint, hint), so I won't divulge which birthday we actually celebrated.
That's Stephanie and me. What a good-lookin' pair of Leos, huh?

We ate at yummy Cocina Superior.  Our waitress was quite sketch, but the food was great and the pomegranate margaritas were pomeGREAT!!!
Wish I could have had another marg, but #1, I had to drive and #2 I had to wake up waaaaay to early this morning to celebrate another birthday...Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in West End Birmingham, AL!  Today was the first of a year-long series of celebratory masses in honor of the parish's 100th birthday.
It may not look like much from the outside but wait for it...My mother went to grammar school here.  My grandparents and great aunts and uncles were parishoners here. As a child I can remember Easters and Christmases were always celebrated here.  In my opinion, it is THE most beautiful church in Birmingham.  Here's a shot from the altar looking towards the door...notice the balcony choir loft and all the natural light from the ornate stained-glass windows:
Here's a picture I took from the balcony looking towards the altar:
And here's how I remember it at Christmas time:
Lastly, there is a grotto outside that my grandfather built and dedicated to the memory of my grandmother.  This has very special memories for me, too.  For instance, I can remember the Mother's Day that we all stood around for the blessing and dedication.  It was so hot!  Later that day my Aunt Sheri actually gave birth to my cousin Katherine!  Nee-Nee would have been so tickled to have all that family excitement in one day!  Today was similarly hot, but you know me...I simply had to insist on a family picture:
If only this picture looked like the train wreck it actually was, well, let's just say it wouldn't be shared with you!

So, happy birthday Stephanie and a very happy birthday Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church!

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  1. This church is beautiful. A friend of mine was married there and it was my first visit to a catholic church-I was amazed at the beauty.