Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prince of Peace Graduation

Yesterday, May 16, 2012, Rob graduated from preschool.  I got to thinking about childhood graduations for a while.  When I was growing up, I don't remember graduating from anything.  Not that I didn't, but I don't remember any ceremonies or special affairs.  Graduation was reserved for high school and college. 

I can remember at my high school graduation hearing a speaker drone on and on about the true definition of "commencement"--to begin.  And that's when my mind really started processing yesterday's ceremony.

In recent years I have heard about more and more Kindergarten graduations.  But this is a preschool graduation.  Why the subtle change?  Kindergarten is much more aggressive these days.  At the ripe old age of 5 and/or 6 kids are learning to read; write sentences and stories; do math; and have homework.  In a nutshell, Kindergarten is no joke anymore.  Therefore, I totally understand why Rob and his peers graduated from Preschool.  The world of knowledge is about to commence.  Good luck my sweet, sweet little boy.  You will always have a place in my lap as you will always be my baby!

Here are some highlights from the big event (warning, picture overload approaching):
The gang's all here!  They're lined up and ready to begin.
Madison (on left) also graduated from POP 4K yesterday.
One of Rob's soccer teammates Ryan (L) and best buddy Carson (R)
Lily Kate and Rob making their grand entrance.

I really wish I knew what Rob was whispering to Carson here!
There were a few songs before the actually graduation process.  Rob loves performing.  Isn't it obvious?
Don't you just know how hard it must be to wait your turn for something as exciting as a diploma and dove pin?
...there he goes!
Rob receiving his diploma from Mrs. Angstadt
Sweet, sweet Ms. Dana who also teared up when hugging my boy.  At this point, you should know that I completely lost it!

I am one proud Mama!
There was a brief reception following the ceremony.  Take a look at the table.  All the graduates received cute beach towels with their names embroidered.  Love it!

The 3 Amigos saying "Hello, Summer!"
Well, that's a wrap!  I was an emotional wreck, but they were happy tears!  I am so proud of my son and I know these next 13 years are going to fly by! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's enjoy some summer vacation time!   

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