Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Chancellor is on the way!

So my brother-in-law Jonathan and his new bride Laura are expecting a baby.  Well, they were very much surprised and far from expecting to be expecting so soon after their wedding, but God has plans for us and that includes creating life when He thinks is best.

I am so incredibly crazy for Laura that I forget sometimes I haven't known her forever.  I have watched Jonathan grow up and if he had ever asked me to pick the perfect person for his other half, I hope I would have been wise enough to pick Laura for him myself.  They are the yin to each other's yang.  Together they truly make a whole. 

That being said, we were all gathered on Saturday evening to find out the gender of their upcoming arrival.  Everyone was so excited, but first we had to have some goodies:
There were so many people there.  The room was filled with love for this happy young couple as they embark on parenthood.
My father-in-law Bob showing off some fancy footwear!
Jonathan's (L) and Laura's (R) maternal grandmothers.  It looks like they are swapping "war stories"!
In the middle are the Chancellors -- Jonathan's Dad and family
I had to make the photo rounds by getting some photo love from the Chancellor/Morris bunch. 
At last we had been made to wait long enough.  What is the gender of that baby?  Well, look for yourself:
It's a boy!  I am so excited, too, because now this new Baby Chancellor and new Baby Morris will be cousins and they will be so close in age.  Keep in touch with the blog because I see lots of stories of these boys getting into and out of trouble together over the years.

Once again, congratulations Jonathan and Laura.  I love you both!

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