Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tales of Traveling...Sunday Social

I'm trying to allow some of you the chance to get to know me better.  You know, maybe you'll become loyal readers and I won't always feel like I'm typing into blank I have caught wind of a new blogger Neely who writes at A Complete Waste of Makeup.  I'm still getting to know her but so far I really like what I read!  And each Sunday she does a Sunday Social linkup party.  There are still 4+ hours left on today's Sunday, so I thought, "Why not?"

Neely (and all of you, I am sure) wants to know the following about all of us.  So, with no further ado, here goes nothing.

Best trip you've ever been on?
This is a hard one to answer.  Bobby and I took a honeymoon cruise about which we still, almost 9 years later, discuss memories.  We sailed on the Carnival Holiday out of New Orleans. But before the grand "Bon voyage," we were able to spend the night in New Orleans where I drug him on a walking ghost tour -- which he enjoyed -- and later we just strolled along the French Quarter happily married. 
While at sea we had so much fun.  Back then we thought the world was our oyster.  We had no worries about money, child-rearing, reconstruction, etc.  Being on a cruise is a great type of travel, too.  I have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort i.e. Sandals so I have no comparison, but to me cruising makes you feel like something pretty special!  I really want to cruise again someday, but now we have 2 (almost 3) children to think about.  Money saved is spent on family vacations, college savings, bills, etc.  I just don't know when we will be able to pick up and leave reality for that long anytime in the near future.

Then again, my other best trip I've ever been on is my college graduation trip to Italy.  My mom and step-dad took me to a tour of Rome, Venice, Florence,  and Pompeii in the spring of 2000.  Now 12 years later I realize that was truly, literally a once-in-a-lifetime trip.  I cherish pictures and film images from Italy knowing that I have actually been there once.

Best idea for a girls weekend trip?

There are so many obvious choices here.  I would love to have a girls' weekend at the beach sometime in the near future.  On this trip there would be no kids, no sandcastle building, no husbands, and no cell phones.  Just a handful of girls some wine, great easy reading and SPF.

Another great idea (albeit a little more planning required) would be a trip to New York City.  During the Holidays.  It would be somewhat Sex In The City meets Eloise at the Plaza.  I have been to NYC before, but to go with a group of girlfriends would be a dream.

Best idea for a couple's trip?

I mentioned above that I love cruising.  But every time I bring this up to someone who has been to an actual all-inclusive, (s)he trumps me and says all inclusives are better.  So I'm gonna say I would love to have a few couples join us for a few days at a Sandals, etc.  But only if we could just chillax.  Like Couples' Retreat minus the therapy and TMI yoga sessions.

Place you most want to visit?

Hands down, I want to go to Hawaii.  It's here in the US, it's supposedly beautiful, and I just have to go there sometime in my lifetime.

Vacation Necessities?

I have some quirks here.  Those who know me know my biggest secret: I sleep in a sleep mask every night!  I cannot sleep without it.  It started when Bobby and I first began cohabitation.  He liked to sleep with the TV on and I did not.  Over the years I have gotten him to turn down the volume and now set a sleep timer so it goes off.  But I got so used to sleeping with the mask that now it's a security thing and I feel vulnerable without it.
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I also like to travel with a good book, my camera, and waaay too many outfits.  I can't just bring one outfit per day; I literally like to have choices and set up a mini-closet.

Well, that's it for tonight.  I hope happiness and safe travels follow you wherever your path may lead.

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  1. I am so right there with you that where we are in life now (two kids for us) traveling takes a lot more work and money! But I hope we reach the point where we can travel to some really cool places as a family. That's down the road though. We went on a cruise about six years ago (pre-kids) and it was amazing and we still want to go on another one. It was just the perfect way to travel. I think a mediterranean cruise would be amazing! That's on my wish list!