Saturday, September 22, 2012

William is 1 Month Old!

I cannot believe I am already digging into my monthly progression posts.  When William was born, I spent the longest 5 days of my life waiting to be his mommy.  Each day could have filled its own month.  Then he came home and, poof!  A month has passed!  I know I have recently gone on and on about how hectic life is with three kids, but I cherish every single moment.  I really do!  I would not trade anything for my "old" life.  So, with no further ado...
Length: ( for an update)
Weight: +/- 8.5 lbs

Sleeping Patterns: You are a good sleeper!  You have to be around here! Haha.  You like to be swaddled and sleep on your back or propped on your side, but you do work your hands out eventually.  You love your hands to be up by your face.  I always know when you hands are coming out, because I hear you grunting and stretching in your bassinet.  Then again, sometimes those grunts mean something a little, um, south of the hands...Confession time: I have been known to let you sleep on your tummy, but only for quick cat naps when I can check on you often.  You love it!

Eating Habits: Snack bar is open 24 hours a day!  We are working on our pattern.  We don't have it nailed yet.  You can usually go two-and-a-half to three hours between feedings, but that's only if I really concentrate and make sure you are filling up your tummy.  I can't multi-task while nursing you; you will just pacify.

New Discoveries and Accomplishments:  Everything!  Your life is a blank slate right now and you are quickly filling it up with experiences.  I noticed just yesterday while your Mimi was holding you that you were really holding your head up strong.  You hate tummy time, but perhaps all of that exercise is paying off.

Places You Love: You love your bassinet because I have declared it your "safe place"...Rob and Caroline are not allowed to touch you or mess with you when you are in your bassinet.  You really like your vibrating bouncy seat, too.  A special thanks to Ms. Stevie who procured that for us!  It just wouldn't do for you to hang out in Caroline's pink one.

Special Friends: Not too many new friends yet; you don't leave Mommy's side much.  You have the best big brother and big sister in the world and they are both itching to play with you.  But you have been doted on my all your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. 

Current Events:  We are in the middle of a pretty heated election year, so Romney vs. Obama fills the news.  There is terrible unrest and terrorism in the Middle East and we pray everyday for peace.  The weather has turned beautiful and there is a taste of fall in the air.  Oh, and the Crimson Tide is now 3-0 and making a run for another National Championship!

What We Did This Day:  Today (September 21st) was a Friday.  Rob and Caroline went to school -- Rob to Helena Elementary and Caroline to Ms. Beth's -- then you and I ran some errands.  I only had a few things on my list, but had to stop and nurse you twice while we were out!  You hungry li'l monster!

PS: How cute is that picture of you above?  It was a little hard to capture just the right moment!  Enjoy the hilarity below:

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