Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rob is 6 Years Old!

I cannot believe my sweet first born baby is six years old now! When Rob was first born I thought I would burst with pride at being someone's "mommy". Now my mommy love has tripled, but I still hold a special place for my first is what you should know about Robert Corry Morris, Jr: longer my only son, but still my number one!
Height: 48 1/2"
Weight: 53 lbs

Sleeping Patterns: You are a good sleeper. Just like mommy you are ready to go to sleep when you are can fall asleep despite a TV on, others near you wide awake, or the light of day still glowing. Also like mommy you are an early riser who cannot just roll over and go back to sleep. So that puts a wrench in weekend slumber, but that's okay.

Eating Habits: It used to be that you would wake up hungry and want an almost immediate breakfast. You still like to eat in the mornings, but you have slowed down a little. Now that you have started Kindergarten, you like to buy your lunch in the cafeteria. It cracks me up for you to tell me that you ate peas and green beans. I'm proud that you make healthy choices, but I am saddled with the responsibility to have those choices available to you. You love fruit, you dislike onions and pickles, and you have recently discovered mommy's / Nona's recipe for homemade beefaroni which you like even more than spaghetti.

New Discoveries & Accomplishments: You played soccer for the first time this spring and loved it. You learned how to swim this summer at the YMCA. And most importantly, you started Kindergarten this year which has opened this category wide.

Places You Love: You really love swimming! This summer you got to go to Orange Beach, AL and to Destin, FL -- at each location you definitely prefered the pool to the sand! We swam at cousin Miles' pool several times and you had a blast. You ask all the time if someone can take you to Top It Off (frozen yogurt bar). I wish we could say "yes" every time, but we would either weigh 300 lbs or be broke or both! You love to go to Aunt Kristy's and play with cousin Josh. But more than anything else, you really love being at home, which is fine by me! 

Special Friends: You invited some of your good buddies from Prince of Peace to your birthday party this month.  I think you miss them.  However, now that you have started Kindergarten, you are starting to talk about the kids in your class more.  He's not in your class, but RJ goes to Helena Elementary and you really like him.  There is a boy on your bus named Julian who you sit beside each day.  Hopefully we can get together and play with him soon.
Current Events:  The Summer Olympics took place this July in London, and you really enjoyed all of the coverage.  You would watch all day long and give me updates on scores, medals, etc.  You learned all about fencing, diving, volleyball, rowing, and more!  You knew all about Michael Phelps, and you also loved men's gymnastics, too.  Sad news: gun violence is on the rise.  The country is still reeling from the mass shooting at the Batman movie in Aurora, CO and now this month six people were killed in a Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting.  It's an election year and your Republican parents were excited when GOP candidate Mitt Romney introduced Wisconsin Representative Paul D. Ryan as his presidential running mate during an appearance in Norfolk,  VA.

What We Did This Day:  Your birthday (August 28th) fell on a Tuesday during the second week of school.  Baby Will has only been home from the hospital for three days, so we took advantage of your birthday and had a quiet night at home.  We ate dinner, had a cookie cake, and you got to open a fun li'l present.  Remember, your birthday party was held earlier this month at Pump-It-Up.

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  1. Rob, you also got to go on a long trip to San Diego with Rocky and Mimi. You met a special friend, Riley. You were such a good boy while we were gone. Mimi and Rocky were so proud of you and happy you got to go with us. You got to swim every where we went in San Diego. You went to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. You also got to meet lots of people and went for a day cruise! That was all in June. It was a great way to start your summer!! :)