Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Soccer Superstar

So, Rob plays soccer now.  I mentioned here all about his 1st practice.  The kid looooves soccer!  It is definitely an active sport.  I don't think he yet understood the philosophy and strategy of baseball.  He got bored while defensively working a base.  He played in the dirt (' other 4 yr old has ever done that, right?)  

Anyhoo, onto soccer, which was an instant hit!  This week was his first game.  Rob was so excited.  If he knew who David Beckham was, he'd definitely think he was DB's alter ego!  I am so proud of my little man, too!
(L-R) Keegan, Charlie, Rob and Ryan

Here are some "bigger life lessons" that we learned just in the first game:

1.  Sometimes you just have to follow the rules -- like it or not.  Rob wanted to wear red shorts.  I told him that Coach Sarah asked all the players to wear black shorts.  When you sign up for a team, you are agreeing to be a part of that team.  You decide as a group or you obey a chosen leader which direction to go.  Even when you are a grownup (yuck) you will have to follow rules like work uniforms, etc.
black shorts...check!
2.  Sometimes you are going to lose.  There was not much talk of a score, but at one point I heard my sweet 5-yr-old keeping up with the score in his head.  I even lost count.  The other team beat us somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-2!  After the game, Rob caught me off guard by asking me if his team won or lost and I changed the subject.  At home, I revisited the discussion and tried to gingerly tell him that his team lost, but it was okay because I am sure he had fun.  Rob interrupted me and said "Mommy, I know we lost.  Did you not want to tell me at the game because you didn't want to make my teammates sad?"  Sweet boy!
One of many goals scored by the "other" team...
3.  Sometimes the best things in life only come to you as a result of hard work.  The next morning I have to physically drag Rob out of bed for school and he whined about being exhausted.  I mentioned something about maybe we shouldn't play soccer if this is how our mornings are going to go.  He shot up out of bed and said, "No!  I love soccer.  I'll wake up, I promise!"
This is fun!!!
Here are some shots I took of his first game.  Enjoy!

Hahaha...perhaps she's so embarrassed by the score, she's in cognito!

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