Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meet The Newest Morris Ladies


Waaay back in December, a jolly ol' man named Santa Claus brought this to Rob:
It's a Ladybug Land dome.  We had to fill out the enclosed paperwork and send off for live ladybug eggs.  Well, they finally arrived yesterday!  (Admittedly, we waited a bit before mailing our request.)  Rob was so excited when we found these in our mailbox, I could hardly get the garage door closed before he was tugging on the mailing tube trying to open it.
Much to my surprise, we did not receive eggs...we were sent ladybug larvae.  See that tiny black speck on the yellow paper above?  That's one ladybug larva.  The next step is pupa where they will "bury" themselves in some kind of white covering before emerging as an adult ladybug.  FUN!
It turns out ladybugs don't need very much water.  Just a moist sponge to add to their humidity.  Rob loved using "the special watering tool" as he called it.
We covered up our new village of larvae and now we are waiting on them to grow and prosper!

What, you may be wondering, did Caroline do during our animal science class?  She hung out and watched her beloved "Duppies" a.k.a. Bubble Guppies on Nick, Jr.

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