Monday, April 2, 2012

I Love 1st Birthday Parties


This weekend, aside from it being Palm Sunday, was pretty low-key for us.  One of our highlights was a sweet 1st birthday party at a local park.
For those of you (most of you) who know these subjects personally, isn't it awe-inspiring how babies come into our lives for so many different reasons?  I think that Maddox is a constant reminder that life goes on...somewhat pleasantly.  "Marvin" as he is sometimes called is one of the happiest bouncing baby boys I have been around in a long time.  And look at the smile he brings to his pretty Momma's face:
Quick DIY alert below!  A party guest told me she found this idea on Pinterest for Maddox's happy face banner.  (Who doesn't love Pinterest these days?)  Somehow I missed it on the "Big P" but I know I will be recreating this look.  The crafty lady said she just printed several headshots onto heavy cardstock and cut them out.  She didn't specify, but I'm thinking a good laser printer would be more ideal than your everyday ink jet variety.  She then took heavy scrapbook paper and fashioned party hats.  These are iPhone photos only (oops, me!) so you can't really tell the quality in the picture.  But a line of grosgrain ribbon, a trusty hot glue gun, and you have a super-memorable, personalized birthday banner!
Poor Maddox is going to be quite a busy body.  His momma says he is trying to walk all over the place, hence his boo-boo under his eye.  How cute is a chubby, semi-naked baby?  In a party hat?
 Time for cake!

I'm loving the idea of this cake (below) which really consisted of individual-serving cupcakes!  Especially handy for on-location parties where you don't want to be stuck cutting and serving the entire time.
I mentioned this party was at a great park.  It was a nice day, and my own kiddos were having a ball.  Here's a quick photo montage of what R and C were up to during the event:

This week ahead is looking pretty packed.  More to come.  But for now, remember that Holy Week is named so for a reason.  Happy Easter, early from my family to yours!

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