Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was special...Papa Joe (my dad) was in town!  He is the only parent on either Bobby's or my side of the family who doesn't (technically) live in town.  His job keeps him on the road about 80% of the time.  So when I do see him, I realize how much I wish I saw him more often...sniff, sniff.

Friday afternoon he and my sweet Aunt Joyce (one of dad's 3 sisters) came over to visit with the kids.  We were so preoccupied by visiting and just being in the moment that we took no pictures.  My Aunt Joyce is a fabulous seamstress, and when she spotted a project I was teetering with, she gave me some great pointers!  More on that in an upcoming post.  That night we all went to a local Mexican eatery.  Is it just me?  I could maybe eat Mexican every other day of the week with Italian filling in the gaps.  I love some flavor-rich food!  Pregnant me was tempted by the consumption of margaritas at our table!  I sure do miss those salty-rimmed, tequila-filled beverages!
On Saturday morning Rob had a soccer game, and my dad and Aunt Joyce got to see him play. Speaking of soccer, Rob is really improving in such a short time. He realizes he needs to be in better control of the ball, and he seems to understand the need for defending the ball.
One thing that is much less static is Caroline's attention span during the games.  Open fields + CC = wide open trouble!  She's my little wild child!  Just look at that expression below!

In the picture above, the game is done!  We didn't win but we had fun again! 
I'm still not getting used to this tunnel concept.  I have never seen it before.  After the traditional "good-game" handshaking lines, all the parents form a tunnel and both teams get to run about 3 laps through it.  Yes it's cool, but who thought this up?

(clockwise from top left) Joyce, Joe, Rob, and Caroline

Saturday afternoon I took Rob to see Disney's Chimpanzee movie.  Seriously cute documentary!  He and I both loved it!  Then Kristy and Jason came over for an impromptu dinner and card playing evening.

Today was a lazy Sunday.  We had the weirdest weather.  It was a gorgeous, cobalt-blue skied day but the wind was almost 30-mph.  Crazy!  Soccer pictures were taken and here's a sneak peek:

To my beloved Ehl family, I am me because of you!  Thank you for being half of my whole.  I love you all even if we see each other less frequently than others.  Dad, be safe out there and here is "until next time..."

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