Monday, April 16, 2012

Prince of Peace Will Rock You!

Rob's 4th (and final) musical show was last Thursday at Prince of Peace.  In the fall, they always do a Thanksgiving-themed show (read about them here).  In the spring it varies.  This year's theme was Rock and Roll.  It was so cute!  The show was followed by an art show in their classrooms where their art was on display.
 All of the kids carried inflatable guitars.  Clearly (above) nerves were not affecting him at all.
 In the picture above, that's Rob not looking at me...arg!
Photo below, how cute is the gym with its Rock-N-Roll decorations?

For the 4s' "Finale" song, they sang the Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".  I love this shot above.  Ah, the innocence of young friendships!
Rob standing proudly amidst his art.
Rob and Ms. Dana.  We have been so blessed by her as a teacher this year!
Buddies Rob and Carson!

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