Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Weekend Recap...

Happy Fall, Y'all!  I am so in love with the weather right now!  The only problem I have is the need to go through my closet.  I need to do the yearly what-did-I-wear-last-cold-season checklist and discard the things that hung lonely last winter.  Combine that with the fact that I am still only (almost) 7 weeks postnatal, and I really have no idea what to wear right now!  Oh well...

On Friday evening I took Rob to the Fall Festival at the local Intermediate School.  He had a blast; that boy sure loves fairs and festivals.  As I clenched my jaws shut on the scrambler, fighting nausea, I realized two things.  1.) I may very well be too old for amusement rides.  My equilibrium isn't what it used to be.  2.) My life is one big scrambler right now...spinning rapidly into various angles but never quite crashing.  While it should be scary, I still find myself squealing with glee.

Saturday was a beautiful day, despite the lack of Alabama football (off weekend).  We played, Bobby watched football, and I got ready for a very exciting girls' night out with my dear SIL, Laura.  Miranda Lambert was in town for a concert and Laura scored 6th row seats!  What does it look like to sit on the 6th row?

I already knew that I loved Miranda's music, but now I love HER, too!  Girlfriend is one bad mama-jama!  Ten seconds after she took the stage, her belt broke -- not only making her mini-skirt majorly unstable, but also giving her hidden mic pack no where to hide.  So right in the middle of "Fastest Girl In Town" she has one of her band members duct tape the pack to her waist.  She never missed a beat.

She rocked that stage and belted out all her great songs.  She has a very strong, beautiful sound!  The Pistol Annies made a quick cameo for a few songs, too.

I also love that she's a curvy girl, and she's comfortable in her own skin.  You can tell she's healthy, but she loves red meat and margaritas.  Um, hello!  We would so be best friends...except when she goes hunting. During those times I'd just say "See ya later."

Sunday my dad, Uncle Doc and Aunt Barbara came by for a visit.  This was the first time Aunt Barbara met sweet baby William.  I think the two of them hit it off very easily, what do you think?
Caroline had a blast playing doctor and dress up while they were at our house.  Rob was running around acting like a crazy person!  What is it about my children when they have an audience?  I don't know where they get it from (insert heavy sarcasm here).

Finally, we ended the weekend with a quick few rounds of family game night.  We used to do this a lot more than we do now.  Tonight Rob chose the classic "Guess Who".  I love this game!

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