Friday, October 8, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Caroline seems to be getting a little bored with her food regime.  She just seems a little more whiny/fussy at mealtime.  Of course, there is the chance that her teeth are bothering her.  You should see those pearly whites barging down through the gumline.  Whatever the cause, I decided to shake things up a little bit this morning.  I served Caroline her first bit of Cream of Wheat.

Apparently I loved Cream of Wheat as a child. Like, luurrrve, people.  My mom and dad tell the story that I called it "creme de'wheat" and asked for it frequently.  So I was expecting Caroline to enjoy it too.  Yeah, this is going to take some time.  Enjoy the show, folks!
Caroline seems not to like fact, here she is doing her "no no no" head shake below:

However, being the happy baby that she is, here is an adorable video of Caroline TALKING!  She's saying "bite", "hey there", and "bye-bye".  In fact, if you look at her right hand, she kind of waves it a little bit.  Oh, I just love this age/stage she's in right now.

PS: These videos were taken on my iPhone.  It has just occured to me I should have turned the phone sideways so as to shoot in wide screen.  Oh well, maybe next time!

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