Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Urban Legend

I could complete this post with one simple statement: "It takes less than you think to make a Gator cry."  Hahaha...I saw this quoted on a sticker perched upon the lapel of many coeds in Tuscaloosa this past Saturday.  This quote pretty much sums up the day, but what's the fun in a one-line sumation?
This weekend marked the first time Alabama played Florida in a regular season game since 2006.  However, it was as much if not more exciting than the last time these two teams met -- last year at the SEC Championship which ended in a Crimson victory 32-13 and in a hospitalized Urban Meyer.

So, with no further ado, let's go to Tuscaloosa!  In case you need reminding, this weekend was a big one for the Morris family.  Happy Anniversary, Bobby!
We drove to the game as a let's get a group shot:
Yep, that's Matt, Josh, Meredith, Bobby, and me!  Roll Tide!
Now, the day started off beautifully.  There was a crisp breeze in the air and the excitement was palpable.  So after parking and visiting with some of Meredith's sweet family, we headed across campus to meet up with Jonathan and Laura.  Did I mention the excitement?  Just look at the "name" of their tailgating spot:
It didn't take long until we started getting our groove on!
 Well, that was fun, but now it's game time.  Here's how our view of the field looked:
I am so relieved the game is going well!
In fact, some people enjoyed the game so much one spectator decided to kick his shoes off, sit back, and relax!  I'm telling you, folks, you just can't make this stuff up!
 Well, this one's a wrap!  G'night, football fans!  I've got a very important song to sing!

"...Hey Gators!  We just beat the hell out of YOU!! Rama Jammer!  Yellowhammer!  Give 'em Hell Alabama!" 

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