Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun On The Farm

This week in Rob's Pre-K classroom, they are studying the letter "F".  So it's appropriate that they would go to a Farm on their 1st Field trip!  Aren't you Filled with Fantastic anticipation? 
Josie's Place in Warrior, AL was the setting for this event and let me tell you, the kiddos were just so darn cute!  All the kids were transported by their own families -- no school buses in private school!  However, for that reason, families (i.e. siblings and grandparents were invited as well). 

First stop was the "instructions" phase. Guess something was funny about this:
 Look at all the kids!  There are three (3) 4's classes at POP:
 We learned that Josie's Place was named in honor of the family's beloved horse Josie who is now only a memory.  This is their oldest living horse and I can't remember his name.  But the kids all got to give this ol' guy a little treat!
I don't know why, but this picture below just screamed "Put me in black and white!"
 Rob says R.B. is his favorite buddy in class and watching them play together made it obvious.  He's also a sweet kid!  After "horse school" it was time to see the chickens, roosters, turkeys, etc.  The kids each got to hold one chicken named Mr. Silky:
 The farmer's wife and our sweet hostess for the day was Ms. Brenda.  She explained that if the kids wanted to go inside the barn to visit the goats, sheep, pig, and baby calf, they all had to wear plastic gloves whether they planned to feed these animals or not.  So, glove-up 4's!
There was an old log cabin on the premises and the kids got a quick lesson on how people lived before all of our modern conveniences.  They discussed old wash-boards and water-well pumps.  It was very informative!  Rob even got to pump some water from the well!  They also shucked their own corn using a corn grinder-thingy built in 1901.  (Clearly I stopped paying attention when the actual machine's name was called.)
At long last, it was time for the Fun!  After "horse school", "barn feeding", and "farm chores" the kids loaded up for a hayride!
I couldn't help myself.  While Rob was riding around, I found a pumpkin and hay display which was calling Caroline's name.  So we did this:
 No, Caroline did not get to ride a horse.  But she did sit in a saddle perched upon a low log.  Clearly she's a cowgirl at heart.  She loved it!
After a picnic lunch, we took our exhausted 4's home.  They had a blast.  I think Fall is turning into our Favorite Festive time Frame!  Gosh, I love the letter F!!!

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