Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 Years of Rob...In Pictures

I cannot believe it has been 5 years!  Here are images of how the years have flown by:

My special boy.  You truly captured my heart!!!

Like Mommy, icing is your favorite part of b'day cake! 
Rob's 1st birthday
Not many 2-year-olds know who BB King is, but you did! So a guitar-themed party was TWO-too fun!
(That's you, below, in the red shirt.)
(L-R) Madison, Ana Lynn, Colby, Rob, and Hunter
Age two is also the year that Papa Joe bought you your 1st of now 3 guitars:
Rob (2) and Papa Joe
At age three, we went to Pump-It-Up for a birthday party.  Mommy was quite pregnant with your baby sister, and going to a place where we could just walk in and walk out sounded like Heaven!  Plus, the inflatables made for some very happy kids! I can't find a picture of that party right now, but trust me, it was fun! It was at age three that you discovered your fascination with pirates, so you had a Pirate birthday cake.  However, as evident in the photo below, you still love guitars!

Rob (3) August, 2009
 By age 4 your looks had even begun changing.  Your baby face was now that of a young boy's...destined for maturation.
We tend to repeat good things in the Morris household.  Case in point: another Pirate birthday cake.  We had your party at our house this year. And we served this delicious treat:

And here we are today.  Another year has passed and you are my big five-year-old.  I am so proud of you.  I can say that I want you to stay young forever, but I know you are headed for great things and I must let you grow up if I want to be witness to your success.  I love you, Robert Corry Morris, Jr!!!

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