Thursday, August 25, 2011

Party Shots

Rob's party was so much fun, but I wanted to share a couple of shots that didn't make yesterday's blog...

Baby Maddox and his mom, Sheila.  She says he has just "discovered" his tongue...He kept sticking it out at everyone all day long!  So cute!

Caroline was in one of those moods where she would not stand still at all.  Sad, because I really wanted a good picture of her.  Why?  I MADE her dress!  It took 4 attempts at the top half a while, but I am so proud of myself! 

Luke is a walking miracle and proof of God's plan for his life.  Born at just over 1 pound, he is healthy, smart, and cute as a whip.  His life has God-given-purpose and I pray that he finds it someday.

My oldest friend, Amber, made an appearance!  I just about cried when I saw her because we just don't see each other very much anymore.  Our kids' lives are consuming us, rightly so.  But that affects our ability to cross paths these days.

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