Thursday, August 4, 2011

Coming Soon: "31 Days to a Stronger Marriage and Happier Household"

So this October I am going to link up with The Nester and do a 31-days series.  "Why?" you might ask.  Well, the answer is complicated.  For one reason, I really enjoy my not-so-perfect writing voice and this gives me an opportunity to really write to my heart's content.  Also, as you who read me loyally have long ago realized, I am not a very frequent blogger.  Guffaw.  I think this challenge of having something relevant to say for 31 consequtive days may inspire me to have much more to say much more often. 

I'm not excessively creative.  For the most part, I lovingly borrow ideas from various sources in blog-land.  So my 31 days will not be a how-to on recycling and repurposing the best thrift store treasures.  I will not feature different sewing patterns or different recipes every. single. day -- although I may submit a few.  What do I know how to do well?  The first substantial thing that came to mind was this: I am as good as I know how to be at being Mrs. Morris.  So my feature will be working-titled "31 Days to a Stronger Marriage and Happier Household".
I am not an expert.  B and I still argue sometimes, I am occaisionally faced with parental regret and I still have loads of laundry piled up most of the at times.  But in October, I am going to challenge myself to take being Mrs. Morris to the next level.  That will include better suppers, cleaner clothes, more balanced home budgets, and more frequent bursts of happiness with my spouse.  In writing about it as well, perhaps I can inspire you.

Here's where I need some help from you all.  I have a few topics already coming to mind.  However, do you have one fail-proof bit of advice that you would like to share?  Hit me in the comment section and you may find your advice featured one day in October.

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